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BandanaDaveGOLD Member
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Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello HoP,

Well Circusoc is heading to Melbourne (a few of us anyway) and we're looking for homes and playmates. Why are we heading to Melbourne? the current plan is to get lost in St Albans, NSW, and somehow wind up in Melbourne, don't ask.

Two Circusocians and myself are going to be heading down on the 29th to take part in the Circus Oz intensive, so we will be there untill the 4th. If someone could host the three of us you are amazing.

After that we have a slightly larger contingent of about 8 people including myself that will leave Sydney for Melbourne on the late 5th. I am guessing we will get to Melbourne three days later will probably be staying till the 11th. We will have tents and a combi so if anyone thinks they could possibly host our rabble then you will get many kisses. Otherwise we would love it if anyone would play with us or recomend some place decent to invade for a good time in Melbourne.

Cheers 'n' many smiles,

Many Smiles,

Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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Location: without class distinction, Australia


while I can't help with a place to sleep, I can tell you where it's at!

[Old link]

There's a lot of random crap happening in that thread so rather than making you sort through it all:

Sunday nights, about 6/6:30 onwards, under the bridge at Southbank in the city smile
full of lovely hippy love and spinning wonderfulness ubblove

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pineapple peteSILVER Member
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Location: melbourne, Australia

id like to take you in.. but it appears that my house may be kinda full at that point in time though.. shall ask around for you though smile


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BandanaDaveGOLD Member
21 posts
Location: Sydney, Australia

Hehe, fire? twirling? under a bridge? how romantic. No I think that is a deffinate must and the hippy love is just the icing on the cake. If i'm lucky we might just make it back down for a second week! (training north after Circus Oz to road trip back down with the gang, my plans are always simple)

No I think that is a deffinate must. We shall find it! May be pooped from the intesive but I shall endevour to be there.

Thanks a heap pineapple pete, many smiles.

Many Smiles,

keyarghahPLATINUM Member
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NifeliumGOLD Member
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

if i had a house i wouldent care.

but i basically live in a box.


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