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Posted:If I was making fire fingers on copper rods, how would I attach the wick to the rod and hold it secure to itself?

Probably much like building a fire fan. I did a search before posting this, but couldn't find much for fire fan guides.

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Posted:one way to secure wick on thin wire is to bend the wire back and affix the wicking (via screws or wire or kevlar thread) to the wider shape. put it on tightly cus it may slip down otherwise.

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Posted:Since your using Copper you could flatten the tip and center and put a bolt thru it. But that depends on your thinkness of copper etc. Loop at the end and sew the side of the wick with kevlar thread would be the way I would do it.



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Posted:This is the design that I have been making and selling for a long time

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Posted:I've been thinking of making some out of wire for a long time, anyone got any suggestions?
a good way to attach it to your fingers, lengths, materials and such.


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Posted:there are a few threads on their construction - have a look in the archives... smile