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Forums > Help! > A couple of questions on buying poi (and poi in Denmark)...

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Posted:So, this might be the place to ask some questions...

First of all, I'm looking to buy my very first set of poi... Everybody recommends sock poi with detachable tails (if any tails), but somehow I like the look of cords better... And I like the look of lights, so I was thinking LED, since it will take some time before I'm capable of twirling fire without killing myself (I'm still at the "hit myself in the head constantly"-state). I was thinking about buying the white glowing poi balls you can get here on HoP ("you'll glow in the dark" in the shop) and nylon cords. And then just not switch them on when it's light outside... Now would that be a suiting set of poi for a beginner like myself?

Second... Anybody have any idea of danish spinners, danish teachers and/or danish shops that carries a good range of poi (i've only been able to find fire poi online on danish pages)? Since I don't have visa... Maybe I should get that, so I can buy them from here. It's seems there's hardly any spinners in Denmark...

Third... I'd love to hear from people who've taught themself poi from the internet, videos, books etc. Since I don't think there's anyone in my area that's able to teach me.


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Posted:Firstly, have a look around HoP- its great for online lessons.You can also pick up a copy of "the pixie poi book" if you don't like reading off a computer screen!
There are also many suggestions for what type of poi to buy. I started with dog toy poi- two tennis balls on handles designed to be thrown for dogs!
Tennis balls in knee-high socks are also an inexpensive start.
The problem with cords on poi is that they tangle really easily- When you're just starting out, you'll probably find that you spend more time untieing knots in your cords than actually spinning!
HoP's Glow poi are great as long as you don't hit yourself in the head- they hurt!
Good luck!

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Location: Silkeborg
Member Since: 31st May 2007
Total posts: 18
Posted:Maybe I should go with the sock-poi with LED-balls in them (I'm not afraid of a bit of bruising and they are supposed to be soft.). Otherwise, I'll go with regular sock poi. Gonna go read some of the threads on "poi for beginners"...
You're right, the online lessons on here are great... Very usefull!
Thanks for the advise... Nice to have experienced people around to help!

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