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Posted:now before any has a shout at me...this isnt a thread about how to take photos...its a thread on what exactly makes a photo look 'special'.

ive just been thinking avbout this as i make up our (the untied chains of fire's ) portfolio for showing to prospective employers.

so what exactly does make a photo look 'special'...is it how many crazy and different direction lines of fire/ light you have ...or is it something different...like the symetricality (new word for you..) of it?

or does it just depend on what the viewer likes...

any thoughts or ideas?

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Posted:a photo is pretty much art by most people's standards so the "eye of the beholder" is always the most important part. In my opinion...

For me, my current goal with photo's is to represent the performer in a dynamic pose wiht the fire.

In the past, it's been pretty easy to get some great shots of the fire itself, and very hard to get the performer in a recognisable state for Joe public to see the photo and not think it was just made on a computer.

Like the one below, i like the way you can definitely see the dynamic outline and the way the fire has made the legs look like they are wearing boots (just jeans really).


one actually looks like there are stars in the background. They were Xmas tress lights hung on the nearby trees. This way they were bright enough to show up on the photo, as well as looking like the shot was done with nothing in the background but dark sky...

Anyway, a 'good' shot is to me, a point of interest that can be readily seen by others, even if they don't actually recognise it for what it is.

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Posted:titties help



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Posted:good photo is a good photo, its when peaple look at it and say, "yeah, thats good" like, you know, nice and stuff.

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Posted:A good photo is a shot that is anything but the subject in the center of the frame... try to take a photo from a nonconventional angle, or with the subject slightly offset to one side to allow for the whole picture to shine. Also, look at what's behind and around your subject, because the camera will take a picture of EVERYTHING and not just your intended target.

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Posted:i think there are different types of good photos, trails are good but only if you can actually see the person and they arnt to blured. i think they are called slr cameras, they give much crisper pictures of the flame, all the only i get from my video camera you can actually see the detail of the flame but with a nice slr camera you can

this photo is really clean in that you can see my face and body and there is descent fire trail with crispness of the flame
i have others which where taken with a slr camera and they are nice crispness to them so yeah for me the clarity of the photo makes it as well as fire trails

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Posted:I have been experimenting with using flash AND a long exposure. So you get flame trails and light up the performer too.

Not actually got anything good to show for it yet

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Posted:i think a good photo is one you think
"hey that looks cool!"

i dont care if other dont like it, if i i like it thats all that counts, if they like it to then its even better

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