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Total posts: 15414 tomorrow is the last day at school for me ever...

ooooh that felt good..

hang on...i will say it again.

tomorrow is my last day at school....ever.....

and we have all been thinking about what we can do on (as it has come to be known) muck up day..

so far the ideas are few and far between...

weedkiler on the school lawn writing something funny

bog roll everywhere

flour and eggs on stuff

super glue in all the locks..

but the best one that i found out about today... some people in the year below who were leaving took a photo of our schools headmaster's car (NO ONE likes our head (inc. the teachers (18 are leaving at the end of this year))), placed an advert in auto trader (a magazine in which people can buy and sell used cars), and offered to sell the car for 1000 (its a rover 75 (the one that looks strangely like a jaguar) and put his office number as the number for people to ring.
he has been getting calls all week!!

any ideas for things..

NO illegal stuff please and nothing that is blatanlty out of order

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Posted:if only i saw this a few days ago, i have some classics, i can't claim them all, but i'll claim a few, so here we go.
if u have double-glazed windows ie: sound protection and the like, u drill a small hole, or large, doesn't matter, then fill the cavtiy with water, and then either give some goldfish a new home or just dump some pre-mixed (can't stress enough, must be premixed or it doesn't work too well) jelly, and fill the cavity again.
another good one is get four live chickens and number them 1,2,3 and 5, and see how long it is before u get annoncements like "if anyone sees a chicken around, can they please report it to a teacher"
another one is get some cows and, if your school has two stories, put them upstairs, useless u say? well, cows can go UP stairs fine, but comming down is a completely different story, they can't.
if you can get your hands on some liquid nitrogen, i know hard to get, but if u can, stick a can of shaving cream into it, and them peel the tin off and chuck the frozen cream into one of the teacher's cars, it will be fine until they open the door and it re-pressurizes and then blows apart, covering them.
another interesting one is u get a tin of paint and tip out a bit of it, chuck a block of dry ice in, get it from any theatre effects store, and then put it in the middle of the hall, close the lid and run your arse the hell out of there, once again good ol pressure will blow the lid off and the paint should go everywhere, for best effect, make it some horrid colour, fluro even.
well that's enough i think, don't want tooooooo many arrests


The weekend has landed, all that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties, I got 48 hours off from the world. This could be the best night of my life, I've got 73 quid in my backburner and I'm gonna wax the lot, man.THE MILKY BARS ARE ON ME!!


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Posted:my favourite was taking a car to bits (minis are easiest coz they're small) and putting it back together again right outside the headmaster's office door. at night of course.
if your school's near farmland, sheep in the corridors is always quite fun too.
and if any of the teachers have a motorbike, bury it with only the handlebars showing through the turf.
random objects up the flagpole can be quite funny too.
or setting one of the classrooms up in the swimming pool.

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Posted:I loved my school...
Is it strange? =))))

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