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Forums > Videos > spinning flags in my living room

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Member Since: 2nd Jun 2007
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Posted:here's me spinning my self-made flags in my livingroom...
my first video...
i played with the effects a lot...
it's only a bit longer than 1 minute...
please, do comment, but be gentle... biggrin



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Posted:vid doesn't seem to actually be there, there's just the ":D" then a huge gap and then "flags" (tried disabling adblockers)
totally blank placeholder shows in IE, just nothing in FF.

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Posted:nothing there for me either.

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Posted:There's an error in the link: the vid is here

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Member Since: 2nd Jun 2007
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Posted:thank u lazy angel... ubblove
i thought my comp or conection was not good...
(still don't know what i did wrong redface)...