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Posted:Jonathan Kay is performing at the synergy centre, london this week - thursday, friday and saturday.

Thursdays show is fools in training showing off their skills, friday and saturday is jonathan himself performing masterworks.

if you haven't seen him before, he makes his show from the people who are there - its absolutely amazing, and a performance like you have never seen - total renegade, but done with supreme skill wink he performs all over the place (glastonbury, hat fair, Ed Fringe festival, Bosnia, australia, US, canada, etcetc) and doesn't come to london very often so i recommend going if you can...

anyway. shows are all by donation - so if you're poor don't worry! and all start at 8.30pm (doors 7.45)

hope to see a few of you there smile


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See it in November biggrin


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Posted:you still working for that guy? wink


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