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Posted:I'm building up a new open stage show and another time this question rise into me...
how I can end the fire show???

Commonly toss shows ends with a high number of objects flash or something like this...
other shows end with an extreme tachnic move or with a very impressive audience stuff...

How do you finish your shows?

Thanx in advance for the answare wink

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Posted:with ropes, fast smile and then a very definite end. If you can time the fire ending at the same time as your track then all the better. I'd also consider some big flaming stage props that you could light so that when you finish there is still fire onstage to light you so that the audience can see you. Or stage pyrotechnics, but only if youknow how and can do it in your venue.

hope that helps smile

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Posted:I like to go with my best technical stuff towards the end (partly cos you won't get such a good flame on the poi in big tricks if the paraffin's running low) then go into a big pattern like a flower that you can keep up until they die, or if it's dragging on way too long you can swing this into a fast pirouette

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Posted:I think it looks lame to keep going till they go out. Often one goes out before the other, the flames get very small, people can look desparate doing them fast to end them. None of which are spectacular.

Better to end with a flourish, a bow, laying them on the ground, something that clearly marks END, while they still look impressive. If there is music, in time to an ending or definite marker. That shows control.

Then go extinguish with the towel after the applause... ubbrollsmile

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Posted:acro balance!!

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Posted:nude acro balance!!

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Posted:I often end stage shows by rolling or sliding the toys across the floor, where a hidden assistant with a towel and fireblanket put them out and store them safely.

Once paracticed at each venue, it look great as people wonder about the burning staffs behind the stage and leaves you free to take a bow, or perform other free-hands type finishes, like acting exhausted and falling over so the curtains can close... smile

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Posted:you just like to end with a good solid helping of cheese don't you Charles

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Posted:ceheeze is good, for shows wink

yeah, end yo show at the end of a routeen, that builds up to some big trick, (throws are good) and then finnish with them burning, unless you have made a routeen to the burn time.

my ropes are thin so they only have a 3 min burn, so after big tricks we finnished with one handed butterflies to put them out.

and dont confuse technicality with impressivnes, a friend of mine get great allplause ending his show by diving to his knees and doing a fast atom.

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Posted:Do a split time outwards butterfly, open your planes to 45 degrees and then launch the poi into the crowd, then run! ubblol

I quite like the finish in one of Yuta's poi videos, with out BF and then, but lays them on the ground... smile

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Posted:fire ropes are the best way to finish a set (as far as I've found) although that is only if you aren't a fire breather. even a minute or so of rope burning will make the audience open their eyes which is always a good thing. The only thing I've found thats better than ropes and breathing is a fire jacket (my own creation). It also depends on what you do for the rest of the show but to be honest more fire is always the best way to go.

apologies for the rather incoherent post

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Posted: Written by: [Nx?

ceheeze is good, for shows wink

Hell yeah i never said that it wasn't.

My best finish was both poi going out on the last beat of a song and plunging the room into compleate darkness for a couple of seconds before the lights got turned up and I took a triumphant bow. True story but it came about mostly by luck and a super fast 3bt in the dying seconds of the song. biggrin

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Posted:If Im' spinning on grass like in a park I like to take a slow big windmill and when the hands are over me head, hit them on the ground as fast as I can. Works great if you have had the pois for a while and know when they are easy to kill.


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Posted:If you use poi, wrap them over your upper arms so they hang down in front of you and take a bow at the same time, preferably in time with the end of the music. It's best anyway to have music that ends dramatically and doesn't fizzle out. People know when to applaud then...

With staff, go into a dramatic pose, hold up one arm victoriously and the other one with the staff tucked under the armpit. BIG SMILE!

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Posted:i agree with gabe,im not a fan of finishing a set by twirling til the wicks go out,

if you watch good jugglers they all finish to a clean stop,the idea is that all the power of the visuals from the props is transferred to your motionless stance,you look great and it tells the crowd that now is a good time to clap,having a good stop is a very powerful tool,if you can find one that suits your performance style it will add heaps to your show,


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Posted:ubblol usually one stands on the stage, wonders whether one has shown all the tricks already - when there is still kero in the wick then either restart, or spin extremely fast in order to finish the flames (which looks ridiculous)...

My preference would be to know how long the burntime is, arrange my set accordingly and when the flames burn low, spin slow - stop spinning, move to the audience (preferably NOT the cutie in the first row, but someone who wouldn't expect it) and have her blow it out... devil

Alternatively a bucket with kero, dipping the poi into and ignite it... ubbangel wink

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