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Posted:I've been having to research an issue concerning the Arts and I chose to look into the new Licensing Act and how it's affecting small circuses and Street Performers

So...I was wondering if any UK Street Performers out there have had any problems due to the introduction of the 2003 Licensing Laws and, if so, would you share some stories with me?

Thanks very much!

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Posted:Hi Azi.

You'll get more reponses by putting "UK - 2003 Licensing Act - any stories?" or something similar as the title.

That way people do not have to open this thread to see if they can contribute...

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Posted:Advice taken.



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Posted:If you haven't done so already, I would suggest posting this query also on where more professional street performers hang out.

And I'm interested to see any responses that you get - I'm currently researching a thesis on the recognition of circus as an artform in Ireland and the UK, so there's a bit of an overlap in places.

You might also find this useful.

Best of luck smile


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Posted:It might be worth contacting Ashton Court Festival ( as they nearly went bankrupt as the licensing act nearly crippled them.

They have spent this year trying to raise funds to ensure the festival's future. They are run by volunteers so might be up for helping out...





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Posted:Man, I had all but given up on this!
I've been trying to research this for months and not one person I've tried to contact has gotten back to me!

That's really helpful. Thanks very much!


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