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Posted:Arghhhhh my performing parterns fire hula hoop has broken and we desperatly need one for filming tomorrow!

This is a last minute call-out to any Melbourne twirlers who can either help us out with a fire-hoop or pass us onto someone who might have one.

If it is Jill or Malia your passing us onto, unfortunatly they are overseas so cant help us out right now!

Would be so appriciative of any help! Happy to give minor reinbursment for troubles.

My phone is out of action right now but if you can help (even just giving us a contact who might be able to help), please call/text Alice on 0400995763 or Trav on 0413959834.

Thanks heaps,

Mick smile

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Posted:sparkey has one.

give her a call

it's very heavy though.

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