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Posted:Its raining outside. I love rain, but I was planning on doing Fire Poi tonight. Is it possible to do Fire Poi in the rain without damaging my wicks or anything? If so, I think this could make for some good shots!

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Posted:It is possible to spin in the rain but the long and short of it is that you will decrease the life of your wicks.

If you can live with that then go hard and have fun but remember to fuel your toys once you have finished to help preserve them.

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Posted:yeah, if yopu keep them fully fueled it should drive the water out.

I once put some fuled Poi into a bucket of water in preperation for taking them on a plane.

got to the other side, put a light to them as an experiment and they burned for the next 10 mins! eek

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Posted:yes, we did a full show on saturday night including snakes, staff,and wirewool in the rain and no problems smile just dont leave them lying in the rain obviously smile


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Posted:I did it with steve.





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Posted:there was a monster electrical storm last night. needless to say we spun all night through it

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Posted: Written by: fNi

there was a monster electrical storm last night. needless to say we spun all night through it

Man, that would make for a killer vid! biggrin

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Posted:the water should evaporate before it actually hits the wicks so it shouldn't do to much to the wicks, although I would air on the side of caution when it comes to fire kit.

Unless you soak the wicks in water (or leave them out in the back garden for a few weeks, oops) it shouldn't hurt them too much although I have spun in snow (which looked cool) so I might not be the best person to ask... tongue

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