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Returning to a unique state of Equilibrium
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Posted:We have a lovely fire gathering in Adelaide, Oz - which Kate and I have regularly attended for the last 5+ years (OS travel notwithstanding). Beautiful people and a good spot keeps bringing us back year after year.

Every Friday morning we pack our fire gear and juggling gear in our van, along with chairs cushions drums and other stuff to make it fun. Over the years we've accumulated a lot of gear, which we usually take down there. we sometimes go out afterwards for a dance or a drink with other friends, and so end up packing going out clothes and other stuff so we can go straight from work.

So this last Friday was no exception - we packed up the van, drove to work parked it in the staff car park as usual and finally the day finished and it was time to go down to the park for a big juggle session before Capoeira. well...to our suprise someone had stolen our van! with all our toys, clothes for training and going out and my djembe!

Now thats really crap. Insurance wont cover contents because they werent in a locked boot (vans dont have one) and probly we wont get the real value of our car if its written off or never turns up. But thats not the really sucky part - we have another car we can use.

Another thing thats really frustrating is that our toys are unlikely to ever get used again and will probly end up burned along with our van. All the fun that they could bring into the world will be wasted. That really sucks. I mean, if I thought that some poor people were going to get them and be happy learning how to juggle and fire twirl - I might be a bit happier, but I dont think thats going to happen. Its such a waste frown

And with us looking at getting a mortgage in the next few months, I cant see us replacing this list of toys we've accumulated over the years;

2* concentrate collapsable sticks

3* juggling firesticks (which I only just bought:/)

a pair of swinging fire clubs with cathedral heads

2*pairs of cathedral firepoi

1*pair of oversize cathedral fire poi

6*Albertross juggling clubs

7*adjustable weight matched juggling balls

6*large stage balls

6* 3" acrylics

2* fluro monkeyfist meteors

too many practise poi and tails pairs and sticks to mention

and my djembe.

so our firey and juggly fun will be a little bit limited for a long time. And that really really sucks. Its true what they say - you never know what you have til its gone. I dont care too much about the posessions, but I do care about not being able to practice all these fun skills.

has anyone else lost all their gear before?



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Posted:Oh wow! That's amazing!!!!! biggrin

I'm glad it turned up for you both smile - It's great to hear my experience and yours ended up as happy endings! Perhaps my fortunate luck with my car-theft-and-subsequent-return late last year made its way over to you two smile

hug Look forward to seeing you both & the vans Marvin & Stomper at CG biggrin


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Returning to a unique state of Equilibrium
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
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unfortunately there is simply no way we can justify owning two white festival vans. Marvin and Stomper are going to have to duel it out over a 6 month period to prove which is better suited to our needs. Stomper has capabilities that Marvin hasnt got (4x4 with long range fuel tanks) but hasn't proven his worth yet. We're giving him 6 months to gain our confidence. If he does, Marvin will have to retire from the festival scene, and go back to his old job of moving families around (not ours). We feel sorry for Marvin. He didn't do anything wrong and has actually been pretty reliable for the last 12 months, and because of some lamer wanting a quick way to make an illegal $250 it looks like he's going to have to find a new home frown But on the other hand, maybe he'd be happier doing that than driving 1000s of ks carrying hippies to festivals year in year out? wink

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Posted:meditate wink hug peace absoluttelly awe some! bounce

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Posted:che culo!!!

So nice to hear that things turned out good in the end. hugs to you both.


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Adya Miriyana
Adya Miriyana

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Posted:awesome! AWESOME!! awe-SOME!!!!~!!!! bounce bounce2 bounce!!!!!

wow that's totally amazing guys!!! yay!! man i'm so excited and relieved for you guys!!!!

hug hug hug

Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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Posted:that's so awesome! grouphug

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:wow, so awesome!
it's great that you found it hug


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Posted:you know, I was just going to post to ask you if there was any news!!!
I am sooo happy for you!

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Posted:life is strange and smelly sometimes.

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Posted:OMG. that's really super news Josh! Couldn't have happened to nicer people biggrin And what a way to earn an early upgrade ubblol Good eyes!! hug beerchug

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Posted:Pyro, that is so great.

And you got all your gear back.


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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:wow joshy thats great news! bounce hug

marvelous to hear its all (pretty much) sorted smile


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Posted:*still basking in this good news* biggrin


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted: Written by: Ry

Couldn't have happened to nicer people

Damn right! biggrin

You two definatly deserved getting your van back. Im very very happy for you ubbrollsmile


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Posted:Glad to hear you got your stuff back did they get any leads in who stole it ?


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Posted:what a good story....when i read the first post i was thinking "well at least if they find the van they will get their stuff back. where are you going to sell a bunch of toys that smell like gas?"


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Posted:i am sooo glad to hear you got your stuff back!

coming back to this thread just made my day )

faith enfire
faith enfire

wandering thru the woods of WI
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Posted:yes, yay for you all, they probably didn't know what to do with some of the stuff and maybe were scared of the fuel smell, thought the van might blow up :P bounce

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Posted:so.....i've been thinking it and i reckon that this means that.......

.....i can have the turago when i come back over to Oz right??

i can give you a fair price for it....

how about

1 x packet of tim tams (one of the new flavours)
2 x coopers long necks (opened)


the lint covered boiled lollie from the pockets of my big woolie coat (you know the one i wear to parties and fall asleep in ditches in)


good deal hey??


ps: i am super happy you guys got all your important stuff back


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Posted:i know i called you and gave you as soon as i found out but need to express happyness in various locations for full effect of my happyness to be felt... hehe
and bigins they might want a deposit or somthing... like that toy dinosaur of yours (im sooooo sorry i forgot his name!) then you would be torn wuldnt you.. hehe


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Posted:hmmm.....not to sure about the dinosaur (named "mate" (took me ages to think of a name). i mean how could anyone think of trading your living traveling companion for, you know, material possessions.

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you think they might accept my sock monkey as down-payment??

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Posted:bounce YAY for lovely random miracles!!! bounce2 that is bloody fantastic news you guys!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* biggrin hug

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