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Posted:yes thats right appy mothers day pele.
i know your not my mother (and your probably thanking god for it.) but on hop of poi you are the holy great mother who takes care of us all and gives advise.

so pele happy mothers day!!!!



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Posted:Yayyy! Happy Mothers Day Pele. Thank you for moding this board so well


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Posted:Happy Mother's Day Pele! Thank you for all your hard work

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Posted:Right on

Happy mothers day

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Posted:Happy Mother's Day to Pele and to all the other moms on the board.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:whoa! when was mother's day?

I don't really understand the meaning of Mother's Day anymore ... I mean shouldn't you appreciate your mom everyday?


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Posted:You should, and hopefully do.

But it's nice for those who get forgetful to be reminded (like my 22-year old nephew who appeared to forget).

What I'm not so keen on is the whole YOU MUST BUY SOMETHING FOR YOUR MOTHER we get from all the retailers.

I invited my mum over for dinner instead, no pressies, just a well-cooked meal and a nice family time.

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Posted:Just about to go running off to the phone when I realised we've already had Mothers Day here in England in March! Doh!

Who decided when mothers day is? Why is it different? You know in japan they call it Annual Child Bearer Appreciation Day....ok, not really!

Happy Mothers Day to all HOP Mums

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Posted:Oh You Guys!!!

You made me cry, a happy cry though!

Thank you so much...this means so much to me! *sniffle*

And let me tell you, it really is truly all my pleasure.
And, as a mom should say, thank you all for making me a "mom", and giving me something to do on rainy days!
And *sweet mom voice* I am so proud of all of you!
I love you all and Happy Day to all those other moms out there as well!

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Posted:I saw this thread on here yesterday and told Pele that she had to check the Social section and that it was urgent. I think she thought there was something wrong. Then the tears started. This was a really nice thread. Thanks to everyone.

FYI, we made it a good real-life mom's day for Pele also. Her son and I got her a new makeup case (it's made of aluminum so she really likes it) and we spent the day with her. Took her to (one of) her favorite restaraunt and visited the local festival.

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

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