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hey ya !!
well hmm im really worried cuz i would love to spin fire poi but i dont know if they r dangerous sooo... wat can u tell me about that??n the problem is that is so much fire around u that u dont know when u have burn urself or.... they r still ur poi n tell with what i can light 'em up!!
thnxxlol smile

b cool dont go 2 school lol... poi spinnin'

Errm well I find the TXT language quite hard to understand, but I got the general jist of that. Yes, fire poi are dangerous for the simple reason that there is FIRE! However, the item that is most likely to burn you is the metal close/on the wicks. This metal can heat up greatly, then literally brand you as you touch it. You can get away with grabbing the wicks for up to about 3 seconds (although don't try it), but the metal will brand you immediatly.

If you are unsure if you want to move on to fire, do the following things:
1) Remember how manay times you hit yourself/tangled while learning.
2) Ask yourself WHY you want to move on to fire.
3) Ask youself if you would be responsible for the damage you may and possibly will cause to yourself, other people and people's property.
4) Will you be responsible for this damage?
5) And lastly do you TRUST yourself with the fire poi? Do you belive you are good enough to move on to fire?

The best thing to do is to start with very small wicks if the amount of fire is a problem. If you start with the amount of fire you see on videos, you are definatly too silly to be using fire poi. The 50mm Weka fire poi (|0) is a good place to start, if not smaller.

Hope I helped.

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what can i tell you about firetwirling? ubblol

i can tell you how to do a search. what do they say? give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll stop pestering you for more seafood? tongue

have a read through here and try searching [Old link] smile

have fun learning off your own initiative smile


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ubblol ubblol rotfl

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thanks for all the recomndations and i'll try to write more properly jiji i mean without the abreviations jijiji is just that you know i get use to them....well and i see firetwirling is quit difficult and dangerous here my friend says "you are going to kill yourself" jaja and maybe she is right jaja,hope i dont die trying.
well..........ill tell you about it!!
thanks again!!!!!!

b cool dont go 2 school lol... poi spinnin'

Wait, you do know how to spin right?!

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Mari, practice and practice and practice with sock poi or unlit fire poi before you light up. FIre poi ARE dangerous in that you can whack yourself in the head, and many other places, have fuel accidents, burn your hand and so on. Read everything on this site about fuels and safety very carefully.

Never light up without a way to put out (a wet towel is by far the easiest and best method) And always have someone with you to help if you get into the slightest trouble.

And remember always, fire spinning is NOT about speed or proving anything or showing off. It is about being centred and having self control.

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jaja of course i know how to spinn i would be insane if i ask for fire poi i dont even know jaja...and i see that its quit a big responsability friday is my b-day and i may be getting some fire ill tell you!!!by the way i have been practicing a lot ijiji and i dont hit myself anymory not even a little!!
Good luck 4 me!!

b cool dont go 2 school lol... poi spinnin'

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