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Posted:thanks for all your posts back..this is a synopsis of fire performance legalities...1-pli(public liability insurance)a must..2- fire marshal cooperation if poss.if not a risk assessment and a spotter must be used..3-inform local authorities if planning street performance(some don't like it)..4- have all relevant fire safety equipment and a first aid certificate if possible.most important read your pli documents..could save you lots of hassle and possible prosecution..safe spinning all...any other information would be greatly appreciated..(Knowledge is power)
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Posted:hi blaze,
it's great that you have set stringent safety standards and hope that your efforts are rewarded with oodles success.

mods, u might want to merge this thread with Blazecircus's previous thread.


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Posted:hi bender..thanks for the words of encouragement.you sound pretty cool.have you been spinning for very long?.my background is self defense and martial arts,i made the transition to poi about a year ago and never looked back.now i am just starting to set up BlazeCircus.probably take some time to launch(legal stuff and equipment).i have been working for other company's spinning and thought to my self i could do my own shows.what about you?


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