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Posted:A few of our fellow brisbanese mentioned they are up for this so i thought id pop a thread up smile

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 Written by: x-posted from Oztrance

The Crazy Trippa Doofer Crew and Bear Essential Promotions would like to invite you all to come celebrate Winter Solstice with us. We have a beautifully lush rainforest site for us all to play in north of Brisbane.


On the decks there will be some great local talent to keep your bodies moving throughout the night and into the next day.


Winter Solstice Ceremony by Wanny

Visuals by Psygeni

Artwork by Dean

Decor by Other Realm & CTD Crew

Lighting by Psycadet

Food by The Starlight Cafe

Chai & Muffin Stall

Workshop & discussion space

Homemade crafts and clothes stall

System - Main stage 10k

Alternative stage TBA


If you would like to make a weekend of it, please feel free to come on friday night, set up camp and settle in with us, we will have some tunes playing and nice warm fire to sit round and some good company to enjoy.


There will also be landcare taking place on saturday, more details coming soon about this.

Plus a whole lot more goodness to be revealed as we get closer to the date.


$15 donation

So it looks nice a nice intimate little party. Ill definitely be up for a good morning stomp ubbrollsmile

anyone in?

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Posted:this doof is better discussed on a doof forum... like oztrance! woop!

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Posted:aye - tis already discussed there - but very few brisbane hoppers check that board so thought id put up a little note here to share the love hug

love your new avatar btw - one of your best so faaaaaar!

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Posted:helps if Oztrance approves people who sign up quicker frown I'm still waiting and its been like 2 weeks!

but lookin forward to WS all the same!!!


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Posted:mm Pip & I are in smile Shion too I reckon. Joel got stolen by Gabe for the Northey St performance.

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