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DJ Aman
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DJ Aman

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Posted:Well I know how to do Hyperloops with some VERY simple poi (wool sock and tenis ball), but when it comes to doing them with my ball chain poi, it just becomes a tangle right at the end where the balls are. Is it just the round texture of the chain makes it so you have to do something different or am I just doing hyperloops wrong?

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Posted:There's a chance that part of the hyperloop process with the socks involves the frabric stretching and unstretching depending on what part of the hyperloop cycle they are in.

Does the tangle seem to be made of ball chain that has stuck to itself or does it look more like knots forming from technique?

(for fabrics that don't stretch, they can still get thinner than normal and lenghten giving the appearance of stretching)

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Posted:i assure you your ball chain will!!

The difference is that your ball chain will slide over itself easier, and if i've read it right then it sounds like your effectively pulling the knot tight!

The important detail is that the split second your chains touch, you should lock your shoulders, so that the distance between your wrists does not change until the chains untangle on the other side, if you pull atall it will tighten. So lock the shoulders and twist at the waist.....

Correct me if im wrong!

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Posted:Go with what sketch said

That and just practice coz you have to remember that different toys handle in different ways even tho you are trying to get the same result. Its all about fine motor skills which will vary with each set of poi that you have.

If you dont get what I'm on about do a handbreak turn in a mini then do one in a 4X4, Its the same thing but it will handle differently and that is what is going on with your poi if you can understand my rambling.

Anyhow back to the point

With practice you'll fine tune all of your moves but only for that set of poi so practice all of your new moves with each set of poi and you will find that the fine motor skills will develop with each individual toy. Sometimes this can be frustrating coz you are esentially learning a trick that you already know but remember that you already know the move you just need to fine tune it for that set of poi.

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Posted:Arrggghhhh...frustrating indeed!! I've been playing with my sock poi loads lately, then I started playing with my chains. I've just had to replace the chain and I've gone from ball chain to 3mm heavy duty. Hyperloops seem nigh on impossible with these fire chains, and when I play with socks I do loads of em. So you reckon that keeping my arms the same difference will help with these too? I'm sure I don't pull...
Hmmm...playing to be had me thinks!!

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Posted:Yep, it's in maintaining the tension just right. Try turning slightly as you do it too.

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Invader Xan
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Invader Xan

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Posted:I find just over-emphasizing every move helps...

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Posted:I find that chains, much more than socks, have their own personalities. It's gonna sound stupid, but just keep plugging with them, you'll get it in the end

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Posted:I actually haven't done hyperloops with socks yet, but I do them with ball chain all the time! So we are quite opposite. How I learned is definitely a lot of practice, and hitting them just in the right spot - right in the middle.
Also, I pull upwards (pretty hard) with the poi that's heading upwards (whether it be the left or right hand depending on which hand has the poi spinning up at the time of connect) and this gives it energy to pull out of the tangle. You'll need to upwards yank as soon as the poi connect, and as for your other hand (poi heading downwards) just keep that one in the same position. Hyperloops with ball chains are also pretty fast! Hope this helps, good luck!


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