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any other people going?

How many frenchies am I going to see there?

great line up, including Stefan Sing, Ryan Mellors, Jeanine ubblove, tr'espace (awesome Diabolo), marijke Gevers (The best clubswinging act i ever saw)

looking forward to this. biggrin juggle weavesmiley

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Posted:lucky you are...

I was at this convention last year...and that was really gooood...

hope you have the chance to see Camille...a beautifull clubswingirl ubbloco.... ubblove

and there will be lot of friends from Festiflam...a crew from south a france who love play with fire... weavesmiley

Enjoy....and take some picture if you can...

Yvan smile

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Posted:If i'd have known about it sooner i'd have been there! Damn it! My parents live about an hour or so drive away from Toulouse!

Next year....

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