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Posted:Hey guys, I'm moving to cardiff (cathays to be exact) on the 1st july 2007! have been practicing poi since last summer and wondered if anyone in that area is looking for someone to spin with? or clubs etc... i wanna learn more! and would be a great opportunity to meet some new faces. Ive read the forum posts, and notice there are a few in cardiff so get in touch! maybe we could meet up when i get settled!

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Posted:Hi dreadhead welcome to HoP!

I'm a cardiff one, and i live in cathays! There are many more, we tend to convene in the Cymru baby yeah! thread which is just below this one somewhere... If you read the first post you can find some info about regular meets and the general poi scene in town, and follow the thread for other extra HoP meets... of course when you get to cathays, there is mucho opportunity for spontaneous park meets, especially as you will be just round the corner! Get in touch and we'll see you in July biggrin

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Posted:ditto to what NOn said, get ur bum to the Cymru baby, yeah thread, muchos info there on all cardiff based poi stuff biggrin

ummmm...........anybody have any suggestions as to what i can put here?!

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Posted:hey guys, i live in bridgend and would like to meet up with some others into poi. can easily get to cardiff.

if anyone is interested, please email me at



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