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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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wicked little hour long documentary thats just been on following a group of 6 tribe members from the "mosquito" tribe, all the way from the darkest depths of papa new guinie visiting london.

this documentary touched a chord with me, as this is the land i spent my childhood growing up in. i was at first worried this film crew would exploit theses tribe members who truely knew nothing of western culture but that was not the case.

one part that got to me whas when they took the tribe members to a bloddy tescos ubblol

saying that though, they showed their true colours in that they would only buy what they needed, not splash out on consumer noveltys or trivialitys like most people in this country do, the "impulse" buys, the 2-4-1 offers etc.

i think i know what i want to do in a way at some point in my life, re-visit PNG and present to a tribe the drum and fishing spears that was once presented to my family, obviously it would involve research into what tribe made the presentation but it would also be nice to vist the first town i can remember living in.


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I thought this was going to be a thread about the program called "The Tribe" on channel 5 return.

I wouldnt be happy with that, it was shite.

Did did you see BBC2's program on tribes a while back, I found that superb viewing ubbrollsmile

alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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more4 are doing a re-run of it i think john. wink

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooo *trails away into the distance*

burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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hey i liked it... used to watch it quite a bit.... they had a cool costume designer... (not as cool as the likes of say, tank girl, though..)

we dont have a telly anymore....well...we do... but no license ..... angel rolleyes

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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That sounds like the lovely show Rave! Wouldn't mind checking it out.

Re: C5's 'The Tribe'

Love how they thought that the first thing kids would do after an adult-decimating apocalypse is raid Camden Market...

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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wooooooooooo i think some folks are being confuse between the show "tribes" on C5 and "return of the tribe"

tribes was a lame show bought in from NZ telly but "return of the tribes" was a documentary about a tribe from the depths of papua new guinea

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Sorry.. my mistake for creating the confusion there.
I accept full responsibility.


DarkFyreBRONZE Member
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theres nothing wrong with 'Tribes' I personally luved it but thats not what this post is about and i don't get to watch any english TV so I can't really comment on this documentry.

It does however sound like the reverse of a program that was on TV over here. Three NZ familys got sent to three different tribes (1family 1tribe) and had to learn how to live within each culture. The producers ruined it however by ripping off every editing trick that survivor has ever used. What could be more inapropriate that a documentary that was edited by the survivor team (or any number of survivor rip off artists).

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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noooooo, dizzy this was tastefully done. the presenter had a few years ago gone to live with and learn about this tribe in PNG and he invited 6 members to come and visit england so they could learn about us and how we live.

there where moments like the tribe members never having seen a tree with no leaves on in winter, ice coolers in fridges things we take for granted like running hot water, showers etc.

hell they even got taken ice skating....and taken on the london eye and to saint pauls cathedral. biggrin

blu_valleySILVER Member
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This was repeated on Channel 5 again last night...and will be repeated on channel 5 again at some point next week..I think, if anyones interested, it is quite a good little documentary. smile

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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biggrin i cant say i know that tribe because i used to live in port moresby and not in the foot hills of the north but its nice to see a documentary about the land i grew up in

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Hi all,

It's taken me a long time to find this thread and I'm sorry I'm way behind the times but...

My family was the host family in Weston-super-Mare.

I'm really pleased to see that it was being discussed hear. At the time 'Return of the Tribe' was being shown, Channel 5 were hitting 1.2 million viewers and that apparently is really high for any station, let alone them.

I'm trying hard to campaign for an other series where my family gets to stay with the tribe for a week in PNG, with the same people that stayed with us.

So far, to no avail but I can dream!!

Wild ChildSILVER Member
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ubblol that's some dream - but you're definitley much closer to realising it than any of us - so luck with that! hug

I absolutely loved the programme when i saw it back in May - the insights into our culture from the tribe were awesome in their simplicity and pinpoint accuracy.

1. on visitng the Cattle market, the cheif said "there's no young people here, that's bad if no-one wants to do this work"

2. When leaving, Cheif said " You spend too much money on food and drink, but you can't afford a house to live in"

Can't remember too much detail but what gladdened my heart the most was the fact that the only 2 things they took back (and wanted to take back) from our entire sophisticated socio-economic model was:

1. Flights on arrows - Cheif was impressed they held the arrows aim - better hunting and eating

2. Golf - a bit of recreation, and they played it in water

other than that, frankly we're welcome to it!

powerman, you must feel very blessed to have met them - they seemed to charm everyone they met.

Ravehead - PNG looks awesome, must've made you feel a real draw to go back.

BTW, does anyone know the significance of the necklaces that were given to one family - was it yours powerman? They were like a cresent shape and I ask because I've seen remarkably similar shaped articles on British army dress uniforms and wondered if there's any connection?

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