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Posted:Although the most excellent Auckland Fire Night on Tuesdays is a fantastic event, and there is a Sunday night session in Mission Bay, I often wonder - "is there no fire gathering that is suitable to the young working professional, who works Monday to Friday and cannot afford to mar their corporate image by staying up late on weeknights and arriving at work with blackend hands and reeking of kerosine?"

It would appear that there isn't, and thus I feel it is time we addressed this.

I would like to propose a Saturday afternoon practice session, where those who are new to the sport can learn in daylight, and the old dogs can learn new tricks from each other too, and once the sun goes down, the fire can begin...

LOCATION - Auckland Domain, in front of the Museum cenotaph (lots of free parking available)
DATE/TIME - Every Saturday from 5pm onwards
WHO - Anyone! Beginners, experts, spectators - all welcome.

If you're interested, please send me a message or just turn up, would love to see you there! If you don't have any gear I'm sure there will be many who would be willing to share.

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Posted:Sounds cool.
Are you gonna be there this sat?

Kia Ora from the Central City Circus


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