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Posted:Hi there all.
I wonder if y'all can help me... (sorry if this gets asked loads)
I can do a fair amount of moves, but i am so bad at linking them.
also, i haven't really learnt or practiced any wraps (bit of a newbie) but i want to do fire so i'm a bit hesitant about using wraps 0.o

are there any tips you can give?
i have only learnt moves by watching others and the free clips on websites,
are there any DVDs that can be recommended to learn new moves and improve fluency?

thanks smile

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Posted:stuff by nick woolsey

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Posted:yup i heard that name...can i ask for a title? (or are there loads?)

also, i forgot to add in my first post...i'm a little lost with some of the jargon.
what are hyperloops and air wraps?


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Posted:Try reading the articles section, and the moves section.

They'll help you out.


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Posted:The scales of poi DVD by Nick is out of this world..

hey and they sell it in the Hop shop :O)

Happy viewing honey


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Posted:Thanks smile

-_- i've just ordered a loada stuff from HoP, already in the post ><

no worries, i'm kinda broke at the moment anyways.


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Posted:If you are hesitant about wraps while your spinning fire then you may want to try stalls (stop the spin without any contact and then reverse the spin) alternativly wear a sturdy pair of jeans and do leg wraps.

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Posted:I wear a hoodie and do wraps round my arms, wrists legs etc all the time any fairly non flammable top with arms will do. Does get covered in black marks though.


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Posted:I just bought the EncycloPoidia from here.
Great section on threds and transitions as well as other cool stuff.
Worth checking out if youre looking for insperation.

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Posted:Nick has a video called 'secret of flowers' on youtube where he give a very good demonstration. Wraps are good to use for transitions but it still take some practice to get it right. I usually let the poi wrap 1-1,5 revolution around my wrist to get a smooth transition.


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