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Posted:Today in Wales it was a day to vote. We had 2 votes. As explained why here.

I had a really hard time picking who to vote for as most of them seem to be full of empty promises if not lies. Even so I went along and put my X's in the boxes.

This got me to thinking, why don't they have a "None of the Above" box to mark. That way if you really don't like any of the candidates you can still have your voice heard. "Spoil your ballot paper" I hear some of you cry. Well that to me doesn't say "none of the above" because it could just be that you made a mistake. I guess I could have written across it "none of the above" ... Hmmm.... But that still wouldn't get counted.

I wonder just how many people don't vote because of this reason. They just can't find anyone they want to put their X next to, so they don't bother going.

So, dear HoPpers I thought I'd do a poll here.

Please pick one from each question (even if you are not eligible to vote answer as if you were please).

[edit] the second question should be Would you like the option on the ballot paper to mark "None of the above" Sorry about that, I'm not sure where the end of the question went.

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Posted: Written by: Pele

 Written by: FireTom

Pele, would it be possible that the yelling is due to your son getting educated which buttons to push why (as in "preconditioning") rather than letting him making up his own mind... (just the first thought running through my head when reading your story)

Nope, cause I tell hime why I like and don't like each one and then instead of saying the name I simply say "flip this one and this one and this one" while pointing so that people still don't know who I am voting for.

confused Could you please explain the difference between the two?

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Posted:There's one big advantage in not voting.

No matter who wins, anytime they do something you don't like/agree, with you can honestly say " I didn't vote for so and so" No matter who gets elected, you can rest assured that you have no responsibility for putting that person in office.

This way, you can maintain ideals that are far from the political process ( read: reality ) and whenever a politician violates those ideals, you're free to thunder from the pulpit about just how disconnected from "the real world" you really are.

Not voting completely absolves you from any responsibility smile

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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:I dont think is does absolve you from responsibility. Because while you didn't put them in power, you equally could have tried to NOT put that person in power and therefore there is still an element of responsibility there.

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Posted:Well, somebody's going to win the election, whether you participate in the process or not. So thinking that by not voting, you're helping prevent putting someone in power is really a flawed style of reasoning.

Voting for "the other guy" in an attempt to keep someone out of power is a completely different sort of animal, as is voting for a "fringe-y' sort of party, which in effect, either says "I'm voting for none of the above", or " although they're radical, this party at least comes closest to politics that represent my ideals"

So by not voting, you're not really prevent much of anything.

Just suppose you belong to a demographic that has a consistent low voter turnout. Do you think that a politician is going to devote his/her efforts towards capturing that demographic, or spent the time and effort trying to appeal to voters who actually vote ?

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