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Posted:Ok being the youngest child in my family I used to get alot of hand-me-down clothes from by big sister.. I used to hate it - nothing new just for me.. most of my clothes had my sister stamp on it.. even that horrible green duffle coat with the toggles on it that my mum made me wear to school when I was 11 - earned me the name of the 'little green space alien' when ever we played 'stuck in the mud' at school.. I was usually 'stuck' for most of play time.. err anyway..

I'm still in hand-me-down mode - being the smallest girl in my group. I get all the nice stuff they can't fit into anymore.. but recently I think this addiction of collecting other peoples clothes is getting a bit out of hand.. I'm sitting here in a really cool pair of troos that sort of look like fire mens ones.. they've got zips in the backs to make the flares bigger, zips and velco too! The only problem is that these trousers came from my mate Pete.. yes I'm now wearing boys clothes.. but it doesn't nesescarily make me a bad person tho..

urm - just whilst I'm on the subject.. no-ones got a pair of size 5 New rocks they want to get rid of do they? they'd look really good with Pete's offerings..

Thankyou for reading my rant - just had to share.. now I'm off to have a little boogie in my noo troos..

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Posted:darn't now I want to go buy clothes.

Kind of odd, hmmm, someone rants about hand me downs and I want to go buy new stuff.

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Posted:i dont get hand me downs but i wish i did i end up goin throug clothes like no bodies business, neway, sorry dont have any shoes like dat!

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Posted:What is stuck in the mud?

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Posted:I get hand-me-downs. But the bad thing is, I'm the skinniest person in my family, so I don't fit into any.

So score for me to make new trends for my family

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Posted:I know how you feel. I am the middle child so I always get all these clothes from my older sister. She has no style at all though so I normally end up giving it to the good will. I am kind of a trend setter though myself and I don't ever see anyone dressed in the same thing as me unless I am wearing jeans that I got from the mall.


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Posted:I have gotten some of my most groovy and memorable clothes from hand-me-downs...!
Sure it bugs me sometimes, but if you're creative you can often turn a disaster into something pretty damn cool...
Most of my favourite clothes at the moment were in fact owned by someone else (or even multiple people as in often the case!) before me....

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Posted:Ah - hand me downs. As a middle child I remember them well. Luckily for me I missed most of the eighties as it was the 90s before I received my hand downs. As a kid I wore hideous hand knitted jumpers and cardies knitted by some Auntie and handed down from cousins or sisters. As a teenager I lived in old suit jackets, waistcoats, ties as I did not get money to go and buy clothes except for 'special' occasions like Christmas and Easter. Hand me downs, while generally hideous could be salvagable into something decent.

Nowdays I still get hand me downs - my sister was donating some old suits to St. Vincent de Paul charity. Their loss is my gain My sisters and I tend to lend clothes to one another now rather than hand me downs though, which is good, although we have quite different tastes in clothes.

Today I am wearing clothes all purchased by me though!

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Posted:Ahh makes me so happy that I'm not the only one.. my sister ws a punk in the 80's and yes I did have her pink pixie boots and her black one with all the buckles .. I loved them.. shame I looked a geek tho.. nothings changed.. all the hand-me-downs I got from my sister have warped my dress sence these days..

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Posted:The best thing about hand-me-downs from my bro is that he never wants the clothes back and he never actually gives them to me in the first place

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Posted:yeah, i never used to liked my older sisters hand me downs. Our styles used to be totally different. Now i buy more clothes than her so she usually gets my hand me down - i've finally caught up in size!! The sad thing is most of my clothes come from op-shops in the first place.

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Posted:Nah,if you're tagged you have to stand still until someone else crawls between your legs to free you! Erm,that's how we used to play it anyway..! My brother was an eighties punk too and although he's a few years older than me he still had the decency to hang on to his old Sex Pistols tee-shirts and tartan bondage trousers and hand them down to his kid sister (which incidentally I DO NOT wear anymore)!

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Posted:Thats the way i used to play it too.. well I just used to stand there - tee hee hee!

OMG tartan troos!! with lots of zips all over.. my sisters fell apart before I could get my hands on them..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:hand-me-downs x 4 sisters = almost all my wardrobe! so I have some great 80s/90s originals

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Posted:Ooo i loooooove hand my downs.
im thi oldest in my imediat family but younger in my extended family so i get cosin hand me downs. this is espesyly good when said cosin was a simmaler size as you and they have good taste or are in the army. last week i got a cool red kitten top and some pretend camos form my cosin whos moving to mexico .

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