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Posted:I've just gotten into the whole staff spinning thing and would like to know if there is some store where i can buy a fire staff. i would like to try it how to see how it feels before i buy one (right now im using pretty much a stick) and im starting to get a feel for how the staff will move and what it can do so id like to be able to start working with a fire staff. any suggestions?


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Posted:An actual store in Arizona that sells fire staffs might be very difficult to find indeed. Your best bet for a practice staff to see what you are looking for in one would be to get a broom stick or length of aluminum piping and stick a couple tennis balls on the ends. That's how I started off, anyway. My current fire staff is a home-made of aluminum with a leather grip and wicks from the homeofpoi store, and it's always done just fine for me. But if you'll take my advice, you'll forget about staff and just get some poi. (-;


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Posted:rolleyes errm, may I point out that top menu?

It reads: "Come, Community, Meet others...." and then? umm

YAY - you're safe, dude... errm, I meant welcome (to) Home (of Poi and fire twirling) wink

Excuse my sarcasm, no offense meant hug btdt

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Posted: Written by: FireTom

It reads: "Come, Community, Meet others...." and then? umm

Oooh, ooh, I know this one!!!
and then is .... "Articles" !!! redface

(but I really think you meant "Go Shopping" wink )

But with my "inside knowledge", I can also suggest trying the Mystic Jewell Studio in Tempe Az. They get some of their items from us - no Staff so far, but they might be able to help.

Good luck and have fun!

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