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Posted:Hi guys

I wonder if you could help me out. A friends' sister is getting married and they're going to Paris for the hen night.

The thing is they're TOTALLY into music so they're not looking for some crap dive but somewhere that is really up and coming on the french music scene. You know the stuff.

They don't want any english club rehash - seen it done it know what's what.

So.. as they dj, know some well known dj's too, clubbed the nineties away and are into sorted good tunes. Any ideas?

No Pete Tonge gone wrong places please.

And THANK YOU for you kind help in advance, it would be very special for some VERY special people..

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Posted:Alrite Prag
I don't know much aboot clubs in Paris but here's some live stuff worth considering(all ninjatune)

Friday 16th May Paris
Mains D'Oevres
Kid Koala, DJ Set

Friday 6th June Paris
Pest, DJ Set

Monday 7th July Paris
Elysee Montmatre
DJ Vadim & Russian Percussion, Live

I know they're really specific dates..but youmight want to try looking up the venues websites and see whther they have other groovy stuff on.

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