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DJ Aman
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DJ Aman

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Posted:Well, I bought some LED poi and they've been amazing. Then one day, when I was practicing, the attachment ring (the part that lets the poi ball connect to the chain.) just snapped. I noticed that alot of my other poi are about to break in the same area. The ball still glows and everything, it's just the attachment piece. It's caused by the streaching of the PVC, I know that. I just want to know how to fix it. The really sucky news is that its 10 days out of warrenty (I bought em.).Is there some way to not only repair the ball, but keep it from breaking again? tnx. confused

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Posted:confused can't quite get the picture... would you post an image or such, so we can see what you are talking about?. Other than that hug IT REALLY SUCKS... ten days out of warranty... mad2 censored product designers.

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Posted:try using some of these wink

or, you could try using the little net bags that come with washing powder if you can't re-attatch the chain to the ball


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