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Posted:I was just wondering the poorest cheapest and most ghetto toy you have ever made was

for me it was a welding rod with gauze pad wrapped around it then wire around that for keeping it on......I used it for fire breathing

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Posted:Bored in a hotel room on an extended family vacation, I cut up my cousins really furry hot pink pillow, grabbed 2 large/thick socks, 2 golf balls, two same lengths of thick ball chain (they were my cousins necklaces i think?) two black hair ties and my travel sewing kit and proceeded to fashion together a set of hot pink, fuzzy soft poi! I so satisfied with my creation from boredom, I bought two small, pink Chinese kitty cat bells that were originally for hooking onto your cell phone for decoration. I attached those to the poi so they would make sound when I spun them.

That was over a year ago, the threading came undone on one, but i'm actually going to fix it since I really liked that pair. Need to add a bit of extra weight and padding to them though....

Anyway, thats as ghetto as ive gotten in making something poi related.


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Posted:*Looks at prop bag*

Hmmm.... Do we start with the curtain chain threaded through superballs with holes drilled in and dog leashes for handles? Or would the dowel with Nerf footballs on the end be better? I have a set of juggling clubs made from dowel cutoffs and soda bottles (and tennis balls as suggested by the Green Clubs instructions)... Devil sticks made from dowels and grip tape. With tennis balls. In fact living near a tennis court has its advantages!

My *most* ghetto, I think, was when I was doing fencing, I made all my gear bags out of old pants... A pant leg is the perfect size and shape for a sword! Not to mention cargo pants have that nifty pocket for small stuff.... Still, Pant Bag v2.0 was the best, tied together with shoelaces and duct tape, and straps from an old backpack for carrying. I still have it so it worked! smile

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Posted:my first fire sword i made looked like it came from dr frankenstiens lab. i had several lengths of steel round bar non more than 8" long, so i welded these up together in a vice then i welded on a hand guard that i salvaged from an ashtray, wraped a leather cord around the handle to form a grip, then i used lots and lots of lamp wick around the blade. the flames didnt burn for long it weighed a ton and the only way to spin it half decently was to use both hands cos it was that heavy i still have it it looks at me from the corner of my workshop wanting to be used, but i have evolved my fire sword making skills so now even a demonic samurai would want one of my blades

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Posted:I Learnt to juggle old socks rolled up.. oh and conkers biggrin

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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