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Posted:So, i posted this over on tribe but had no response frown not quite sure why, i was sure it was interesting.... tongue (mmmmm ego)

basically, i know that this has been partly covered in a few threads, but i think its worth a new one -

what sort of numbers and styles are there in each country? I've only done ones i've been to, and visited the scene a little. please feel free to add, comment, tell me i'm stupid, laugh, etc...

Scotland: maybe 400 who can spin more than a few things. maybe 10-20,000 altogether who've picked it up more than a couple of times....?
general style - some ubergeek, some total pagan hippy.

England: maybe 10-15,000 in cat A, 100,000 in catB
GS - london primarily static, leaning to juggling. several other major centres - bristol, guildford, leeds, manchester, southampton. Spinning meets in most smaller cities and lots of larger towns.

Wales: no spinning, only sheep and leeks wink

France: no idea on numbers. probably a little less than in England
Lots of fire breathers. very pattern based staff manipulation. lots of fluidity in both staff and poi (had danae to inspire, all those years ago)

Austria: similar number to scotland (simlar populations, but spinners more spread between cities)
Style - Ubergeek to Ubercheese. any country that can produce fenfire, Infire, Tirasaru, Solar and so many other performance troupes is slightly mental, if you ask me.

Spain - ????
never met any technical spinners from spain - all have been dreadlocked hippies enjoying their tool ubblol wink

Italy - ??????
similar, except i know 4 or five who definitely aren't (dreaddy hippies)

Germany - funnily enough i spent nearly a month in germany, at festivals, and met about 3 german spinners. i know loads of german jugglers though, and a few did come to uber, but not many....
syle? josh and entheogen are smooooooooth. Andy house is legendary. Max is a robot. Olivier is french wink anya is a goddess.

Ireland - growing number of spinners. similar to scotland, again
ronan/andy house spinning is very popular. lots of newbies so picking up internet style.

Australia- loads of spinners. probably approaching england numbers, i'd say
style? very, very dancy, really into fire, not so tricks based. more tricksy people with more internet use (i.e. recently) big meets in all major cities (sydney a bit slack). kyle is a style unto himself. nutter.

NZ - well, a bit different - not including maori? similar to Scotland numbers. including maori and people taught poi at school? wow. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.
style? maori poi is incredible. and not in any way like what we call poi. as for general spinners? not highly technical, quite fluid. like australia lite wink lots of transient poi spinners - spherculist matt is there at the moment, which instantly puts their tech level up to 11, but lowers dancing to about 1.2 wink

where else have i been...

Finland - small spinning population
style - quite techy - lot of Antti and Tommi clones, lot of quite tribal spinning. well cool.

Poland - small spinning population relative to size, when compared to old 'western' europe countries.
not very technical, lots of 'ooooh fire' if you know what i mean. this could be out of date now, i haven't been there for 4 years.

switzerland: 5 spinners, and i think i can name them all...
stlye - clockwork, of course wink (aaaah. till, we love you)

right. i think i'm done. I won't comment on the US.... cause i'll get lynched ;o)



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