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old hand
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Posted:Seems like a while since I've posted a progress update so here we go! Whilst things have been outwardly rather quiet, I've been working hard behind closed doors:

The electronics have had some major work on them and are now very robust as a result. I've got the final prototype boards on order and I'm fairly certain they contain to the last remaining electrical issue: Currently, if you smack a pair together fairly hard, the batteries will lose their connection for a split second which will reset the poi to the beginning of the first sequence. I'm almost certain the changes I've made will fix the problem once and for all biggrin
The language to actually tell the poi what colours to change to has been put through it's paces a bit more which has ironed out a few bugs.
I've made some significant progress on the GUI (the bit of software you run on your computer to tell the poi what colours you want). It needs some more work, but the ocre is there and with a bit of luck should work on Windows, Linux and the MAC!
I've fixed the button pressing properly now so you can select different sequences, reset the current sequence and hold it at the beginning, turn them on/off etc. etc.
I've made a fairly crude mold to try and make some prototype housings... which worked rather well. The first test used plastic drainpipe which is a bit too flexible to be useful. The next step will be to do the same again with Poly Carbonate (one of the toughest plastics available). If that works, I'll make a better mould which won't look as pretty as the final balls I want to make, but will be otherwise identical to the final product!
After talking to lots of you, the general consensus seemed to be that the AAA's made the poi on the light side and that a battery life of ~1-1.5 hours was on the low side. So now we're shifting towards using AA's. I've not run any proper tests yet, but the numbers suggest they will last for ~2-3 hours on the AA's and weigh a bit more too smile
I've started investigating how we'd go about building the technology into a staff!

I'm certain we'll have these out and on the shelves by October, and fairly confident that they'll actually be ready to sell a few months before that! I don't want to get people's hopes too high, but how cool would it be if we had something ready in time for PLAY? wink

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:most of those questions can be answered by reading this http://www.hyperlight.co.uk/support/faq/

though as it's near there may be some slightly different answers !!!

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I'm not trying to be an ass or anything but will these be out by Christmas? I live in Ireland, could I have a set of these over here before 2008? I have the cash ready to go.

It'd be great if you could get back to me because I've been holding the money since October (the release date in this thread) and I could spend the money on presents and take a load of stress off.

I'm really keen to get using them too as I'm a semi-professional performer, I have HoP glow-balls but they're way to weak. I'm resisting buying flowlights on the basis that these will be out soon. I need something better for indoor gigs in clubs. Realistically how long do you reckon it'll take?

Also I echo a previous comment that I don't wanna have to pay for them to be shipped from New Zeland when I'm only over the water from you. I'm a college student dude :P



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Posted:I am not 100% certain on the latest info, but I would suggest sticking to the latest hyperlight update thread, or the website. There is a sign up list that you can get on i think smile

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old hand
Location: Great Malvern [UK]
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Posted:I'd rather keep whichever the latest thread current, but just to keep this with your original message, here goes..

I've been working myself into the ground trying to get everything ready, but if I'm brutally honest with myself, I think it's pretty unlikely they'll be out before Christmas. So I'd say buy your presents, definitely don't stress about it, buy some flow lights to tide you over (they're good toys from what I've heard regardless!), and have a merry Christmas.

If you're a semi professional performer, Hyperlights will (when they're ready) be a nice little earner I would imagine.

I'm giving up on giving dates, because they just disappoint/frustrate people.. or put too much pressure on myself. Having a day job and a life as well as trying to build something as technically complex as Hyperlights is a big strain - it's just as well I don't need much sleep wink

...and yes, there is a signup page available to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest.

Hope some of that helps?


[Edit]...oh, and I doubt I'd ever wholesale my entire stock as I know there are a lot of folk over here in europe who are eager to get their hands on some smile[/Edit]

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Posted:Are these great toys still in the works... I would love to get a pair... thanks

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old hand
Location: Great Malvern [UK]
Member Since: 9th Dec 2003
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Posted:They are indeed... we're currrently working on the casings but we think we're pretty close to something that's going to work now smile

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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:glad to hear it!

its absolutely amazing the amount of work you're put into these.. thanks heaps!

hug :beer:

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