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Posted:For the blue flame, is is Copper (I) Chloride, or Copper (II) Chloride?

Do the chemicals have to be reagent-level purity?

Where can I get said chemical?

Lastly, where can I get denatured alchohol?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted:good questions but where do you live coz the answer may differ depending on your location

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Posted:Well internet is always good for chemicals. You should be able to get the alcohol from your pharmastist.


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Posted:Question the first: It shouldn't matter. They might be different shades of blue, but the heat of the flame is a more important factor.

Question the second: No, impurities aren't a big deal so long as they won't give off toxic fumes when burned

Question the third: Well, I get my chemicals from my dad, who works for the FDA. So that doesn't answer your question at all. Sorry, but I dont' really know. Some you can get from pharmacies.

Denatured alcohol can be found at most hardware stores. I've honestly never seen any at a pharmacy, but that doesn't mean it's not there.


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Posted:Unfortunately, Copper (anything) Chloride gives off nasty fumes. Think about a face mask. smile

At a pharmacy, look for rubbing alcohol. Try and avoid anything containing meths. Meths is poisonous.

If you don't mind doing the age verification dance, you can buy various chemicals from a lovely place called Skylighter. It's a pyrotechnic/fireworks hobby supplier. Some things can only be shipped within the US, but others can be shipped worldwide.

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