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Posted:i bought stuff and it says shipped by air. It has said that for 14 days. where the heck is it?! Am i ever going to get it


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Posted:don t worry , you will ... sunny

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Posted:Shoot HoP an email, and make sure they didnt try and deliver it but you where not there to sign for it or something (whichever shipping company delivers there).

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Posted:If you need to communicate with the HoP shop, do it directly, not via a thread. Threads are for members to chat to each other about things. None of us can help you find what has happened to a shipment, from HoP or anywhere else!
However I can say that HoP usually has a great reputation for fast service, so it may be more likely a local delivery company. Good luck.

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Posted:They really do have a great reputation... Except shipping to India, or Russia - hence that's not HoP problem, but local import departments.

Apart from that I side all the 3 previous answers biggrin

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Posted:Yeah they won't e-mail me back. Oh well i guess one of my friends makes what i bought so maybe i can get one from him. Thanks for the responses tho. smile

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