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Posted:Hi all,

I'm kind of new here... don't know many of you. Would love to get to know you all though. MoonPixie's offered her friendship Thanks sweety, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And of course have gotten lots of other welcomes And a plant! *blushes*

Maybe you can help me... I'm looking for Kim. She's dutch and came to my uni (uws) in Australia and most importantly introduced me to twirling! You out there sweety? Anyone know of her? I'm fairly certain she's part of HOP.


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Posted:I had talking plant once. But some stroppy goth kid swore at it so I had to retire it... Well maybe that's not the reason i retired it. But still...

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Posted:you rock Cantus thankx


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Posted:woah! it's an old mysteie post! eek

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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