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hopeless addict
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Posted:A very scary fact came to my attention whilst dancing one evening...

i was a little wasted and i noticed a strange thing happening to my hands and feet when i was dancing that got worse and worse. the more i got wasted and the upper parts of my brain began to shut down they relinquished control to the more "primitive" parts of my brain. the part that controls breathing, moving and ordering drinks-and to my horror also poi.

now i'd normally be happy that certain poi moves had moved into the subconscious but not when trying to dance!! i found myself attempting various poi moves with no poi on the dance floor. looks very very ridiculous.

anyone else have this problem? and does it happen with people that use staff too? you have been warned.

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remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:I do this too but it's not a problem for me. I dance around like that around the privacy of my own home but if out I'd be liable to use glowsticks!

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DJ Dantana
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Posted:It's not a problem, hell, that's how I learned to dance in the first place.

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Posted:why cant we just "dance as if nobody is watching" ?
... my wrists are extremely loose while dancing ... this will be the poi-part in the dance ... but what the hack ... every trend has to be set by someone ... who knows ... saterday night fever III ... with YT on the affiche ...

ill vote for you !

hopeless addict
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Posted:Hmmm Saturday Night Fever III, maybe the title of my COL entry?! At least i'll have 1 vote-cheers Florre. i'll just do poi without poi and some glowsticks. Anybody else in?-we could start a new dance craze.

Like poi just less dangerous.

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Posted:Well, I have never been one for dancing. Liquid dancing is about as far as I go (Anyone familiar should realize how close the hand movements for a weave is to a figure 8 move when liquid or energy ball dancing). So I guess it's not that big of a problem for me. I do incorporate my moves from poi, and yes even staff.


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Posted:I do the same thing. It doesnt matter whether i'm in a club, pub or even car. A good tune comes into my head and i can't help it!
The art of 'air poi' as an alternative to 'air guitar'. Its highly addictive!

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Posted:ok - i'll admit it too - i have been known to play 'air poi' from time to time.
Especially while walking thru town passin peps playing drums??...i just can't help myself...my hands just start playn with imaginary poi....i have gotten plenty of weird looks in the past but at least most of my mates are used to it now....

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Posted:he he he
we are all victims of this cruel yet rewarding torture...and i wouldnt have it any other way

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Posted:Who said it was a problem? it's no problem! I do it all the time when I'm in a club, a funky beat comes on and I'm doing butterfly moves and weaves and pretty much my whole repertoire of moves but without the poi. my friends would be like "he's at it again!" I've had people come up to me and ask whether I was a pro dancer even! I always thought I couldn't dance for $h!t
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Posted:Dance like no one is watchin- ALWAYS - who cares what you got or not got in your hands.. people who mock are just jealous coz they get all self concious and worried about going with the flow.. sod them all - shake dat ass!

I dance when there isn't even any music... it's all in my head and thats all I need - people think I'm nuts.. I guess I must be - if thats what they think.. hahahah!!

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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hopeless addict
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Posted:I have no problem people thinking that i look ridiculous when i dance, i am often known to "shake dat ass" when clubbbing. most of the night usually and have been told i'm a good dancer.

and yeah doing poi does help dancing/coordination etc. but this specifically happens when i get wasted. it stops being dancing influenced by poi and just becomes poi without chain and fire-then it just looks silly. it stops being dancing and you become the crazy inebriated person on the dance floor flailing madly. (maybe not that bad)

not gonna stop me though

Ninjas NEVER give up!

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Posted:I think I have fallen victim to what you are saying, also. Not the part about using your hands like youve got poi that aint no crime. The part I mean is that I was the victim of someone elses misunderstanding while I was using my hands! My eyes were closed and I was having at it on the dance floor and one of my friends (can you believe it!) said, What are you doing, spinning poi?

What? What?!? What!?!
I thought and then I stopped

So now when Im goin off with the air poi, I remember what my first, and so far my last, poi mentor told me. It was my first night spinning back at her apartment outside of Amsterdam where we were living when she told me, Poi is an art of the hands; the ball/fire is just the expression of them. So go on with your Bad-Ass-Air-Poi-Self!



HCH No 2
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Posted:Air poi are excellent when you're trying to pull off a move which would require a chain passing through your neck or torso...Of course explaining what you just did to the innocent viewers mightn't be as easy.

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Posted:It does seem to happen very easily doesn't it? I mean, I'm new to poi...I've been at this, what, a month or so? But I've gone out every nice day, down to park and practiced for a while. I don't club much but I have a friend who is 10 years younger and likes to go dancing. So she drags me out last weekend and sure enough she poked me at one point and said, "Nenna, you're spinning". Oops. Oh well, it was fun and I kept doing it. No worries for me as Boo (my pal) is cute, small, and a semi professional dancer so who'd be watching me? I say, Spin! Spin everywhere! with anything! or nothing as the case may be

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Posted:no come to think off it I never have got wasted and pulled off air manouvers, but usually when i get wasted in club's and places where I can't twirl. I have a back up plan
1: find some lolly pop sucking glow stik dancing girl and blag her glowstix
2: remove both your shoe laces tie them to your glowstix
3: kick the podium dancer off the podium
Hope that helps