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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > Tips for working on btb planes?

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Posted:I've been doing poi for about a year, and I'm doing "advanced" moves. I'm pretty damn good with poi when they're in front of my body or behind my head, I can pick up new moves like nobody's business. But whenever I try to move things behind me for more than one swing, things get screwed up. Even just trying to do a btb butterfly screws me up and leaves me with fist-sized bruises. Any advice on how to control my planes better behind my back? Is it a matter of strength or flexibility? My back, shoulders, calves, butt, and the back of my head thank you for any tips.

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Posted:go slow and use soft poi and then it wont hurt when you get whacked, other than that its just a matter of practise, btb stuff feels really uncomfortable at first but after a while it starts to feel a bit more natural, use a mirror or shadow that should help you control your planes as you can see when theyre getting screwed up, other than that good luck smile

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Posted:I think a lot of it comes down to how flexible your arms are: everytime I practise, I do a bit of stretching beforehand

There are some tips on stretching here:

look for the (extremely good) 'skill toys and your health video with Jamie Dunnett and Nick Woolsey on playpoi.com

a thread on stretching

a pdf on strethcing

one way or another that should give you a couple of ideas. Oh and I think I'd spinning about a year and a half before I even got close to btb weaves. I still find em a bit tricky, and can't turn properly with them yet even!

P.S I have a feeling there was a dencent thread on stretching somewhere, maybe posted in 04 by Glass, but I can't find it atm

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Posted:Well, congrats if a year in you're already "pretty damn good" ...

Anyway, plane control can be learned and it is quite efficient to spent a good part of practising on planes instead of "moves".

For expample swing a poi and turn the body around it - or turn poi around whole body, up, down, forward backward ...

Nick Woolseys flowers are so beautiful because his planes are perfectly straight - and that is because he practsised along what he published as "scales of poi" - a good dvd which shows how to learn poi beyond moves -

in a move you learn everything but not really plane control as you can always trick your way out ...

To end with bad news, from talking to outstanding poiers it looks the bruises will always be part of the game ...

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Posted:I'll 2nd stretches, they help a lot with btb - having the extra reach to force planes back if they get a bit loose.

I did a really simple btb ish thing where each poi went btb for one beat ie-
(right hand poi, left is opposite)
left, right, behind left, right

the beat is a little odd with both going but it helps get planes straight when they come back past. I also did a bicep wrap from the wrong direction to help accuracy.

the 3 bt weaves feel really strange btb so don't expect it to feel like a normal one (at all) except timing. I don't have any other advice other than practice, the weaves didn't take me too long to learn but I practiced them a lot in a short space of time.

Btb butterfly, the difficult part is turning your hands out so they face the other way whilst keeping planes straight. This should feel same as in front pretty much just remember to keep bouncing your hands as parallel to your back as poss.


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Posted:I find that it helps to aim for my feet. The closer the poi head is to your feet the less likely it will hit you in your face. The ultimate goal is a perfect plane, but due to lack of flexability, btb spins tend to be wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, focusing on dialing in the bottom of the spin will help the whole thing. smile

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Posted:Another tip that i will add to the BTB problem is that a lot of people tend to lean foward while doing BTB work this is fine for the butterfly but not for the weave.
When doing a BTB weave I have found that it helps if you lean backwards, you will gain a bit more movment in your shoulders and some extra space to spin in.

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Posted:Yah it helps if you lead the 5 beet cross with the shoulder and roll back. smile

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