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Posted:I was having a conversation recently and 2 people put to me that they don't really want to pursue corporate gigs.

Which is fair enough I remember doing a couple of coporate drumming gigs on a stage gig with a big West African band and a floor full of people having dinner looking at you and then clapping politely when you're done... ubblol

I can understand a point where your art becomes somewhat defiled if you are willing to do absolutely anything for money but that also has to be balanced with the trying to make a living out of being an artist.

Not all corporate (which is a very broad word in the sense of the conversation we were having) gigs are a nightmare too.

So what do you think and what's the worst gig you've ever had to do? smile

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i've done some shockers in my time :P

but also many lovely corporate gigs.

will have a think and see if any spring to mind (like a three hour gig for lots of cash but to about 4 people.... - would have been a shocker, but we had a LOT of fun cause there was noone there, and the client declared it a success!!!)

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Posted:There's been many...

One of that still hurts was a wedding performance last year with RHD. The couple wanted us to perform when they come out of the church, instead of people throwing rice at them. It was freezing and we had to wait a looong time for them to come out while the guests were waiting on the steps of the church freezing also and wondering what the ..ll were these two weird guys in costumes doing here. And finally the couple steps out and we start our show. And we didn't do really good but the biggest problem was the timing of the show being sooo wrong. You know the attention should be fully on the couple as they come down the stairs but it just got so akward when people had to watch our fireshow instead of celebrating the married couple. When we finished they pretty much just stepped in their car. And we sneaked away. Argh. It was their idea but I could almost see them thinking "Well... That wasn't such a good idea..."

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