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Posted:Here I am again, in hope to have found something relatively new... I've been practicing these for a while, and just recently started to be able to play some with them, my aim with these babies is to eventuelly turn it as you would a buzzaw fountain.

Anybody else played with buzzaw spiral wraps ? Or any other spiral wrap where hands are on opposite side of each other, but the pois still wrap around them ?

Catch my drift at all?

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Posted:These are on my "To Learn" list. tho I always forget to try them smile

I imagine they would look very nice.. And how do you want to turn within a spiral wrap? What I've seen ist's quite messy.

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:Basically you'd stop part way through a barrel-roll/ inversion, right?

Nice, I'd not thought of it, simple yet satisfying smile

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Posted:i do this buzzsaw spiral wrap, where i let the poi wrapp all the way up to the ends and then pull them out into butterfly planes perpendicular to the plane of the buzzsaw... works quite nicely as a plane/ direction transition.

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Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:Some cool ideas here. I tried doing this with an buzzaw butterfly today ( opposit going ). A fair bit trickier i might add.


Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:Found this cool "variation" today. Where you let it spiral as you bring the hands closer and closer to your chest, then as it turns, you bring the hands further away. Really lush!


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Posted:Thank you for the new variations !

I play the Buzzaw Spiral Wrap for quite a long time now (also with fire) and worked on several variants (enter from left+right, forward+backwards) but never tried to exit in butterfly mode (works quite well) or doing bussaw butterfly spiral wraps (these still need more work on the planes, since they sometimes tangle when unwrapping).

Another easy variant is playing the buzzaw spiral wrap in the hoizontal plane...

Greetings, Karsten


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Posted:Any chance of a piccie or vid? I find it hard to understand moves from written instructions...

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