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Forums > Help! > Wanted - Fire poi graphic for car sticker (or similar)

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Are you up for it??
Location: Auckland
Member Since: 8th Dec 2004
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I've found a signwriter that can produce anything and I'm wanting a fire spinning graphic that I can send to them to make into a decal/sticker.

Does anyone have any designs that they wouldn't mind me using as a once off or could point me in the right direction?:D

I have tried Google but haven't found anything so far

Any help would be greatly appreciated smile

Oh, and and I can get put on "Cpoyright such and such 2007' if wanted

Are you up for it?

HOP librarian
Location: Prague
Member Since: 15th Jan 2002
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Posted:Hi Fire,

This were T-shirt competition, but anyway:


Two from mgcp:



street art rule!,




Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
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wow what talent!

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


Good Ol' Yarn For Hair
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Member Since: 24th Jan 2006
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Posted:.... what do you want it to be like?

(*has illustrator and some free time tonight)

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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