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Location: Kamloops, B.C, Canada
Member Since: 3rd May 2003
Total posts: 57
Posted:Here's my story... about a year ago a firespinning/drum group started up in my city (they call themselves the fire and drum society). Every Friday around 9:30pm till 2:30 am a group of spinners and drummers gather in a public park downtown by a small stage... the drummers drum on the stage while the spinners take to a large open field to spin... At first it was very underground, now it's gained some momentum... and it's gained the attention of many people... Including one of which is the RCMP (that's Royal Canadian Mounted Police to you non-Canadians). The laws are vauge right now of what we can and cannot do because it is new territory. Sometimes the police are cool with it... other times they've told us to put out our fire or else. Tonight we just had a run in with the Fire Department AND the police... I can understand where the Police are coming from because apparently there is a curfew in the park at 11:00, but despite this we have been permitted by city hall to spin. Also it's downtown, and there sometimes gets to be crowds of people to watch after being tanked from the bar.. The police hassle us every so often, and it pisses me off because I'm a law abiding citizen, and I don't take kindly to being seen as a criminal. I would just like any advice or recommendations you could give me on laws, and what the laws are like in your area... Thanks


HoP Mechanical Engineer
Location: OK, USA
Member Since: 11th Jul 2002
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Posted:My group is on a college campus. Whenever we go out to play, we get in touch with the local fire chief to let him know what we'll be doing, and for how long. It's informal, I just get an email back from him, but that sort of thing really helps if someone challenges our right to be there. We also contact the appropriate campus coordinator (usually just to make sure no other events are scheduled where we want to play at that time) and get permission from him.

Pretty much, so long as you've got the credentials, police won't have any problems with your activities. However, they are entirely within their rights to enforce a curfew on you, so you may want to contact the police ahead of time and work something out. Also, always make sure you lay it out to them ahead of time that you'll have all the appropriate safety equipment (fire extinguisher bare minimum). Appearing serious will earn their respect and you should be able to burn happily.

After a few dealings you will probably establish a decent enough relationship with the authorities to where they'll understand what you're up to and really make the process as simple as a phone call or email. Good luck my friend!

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Location: Halifax, NS
Member Since: 12th Oct 2002
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Posted:How you deal with local authorities is a very important part of spinning anywhere public. It's smart to look into the city by-laws about noise and fire and public gatherings... if you are using public property make sure you know who controlls the property .. is it the city, the region, or the province ..

do you need permission to have a gathering ( over a certain number ) in a city park? how about fire, and noise/fire any specific by-laws that prohibit noise or fire on a public space at any time .... look into it before you decide to have a regular gathering.

talk with the fire marshal in Kamloops ( or your city) call ahead for an appointment and be prepared show him a list of safety checks that everyone does before spark turns to flame ... talk about the safety precations you guys have ( sand bucket , water containers , smothering blankets, fire extinguishers ) ... explain about your safety personelle how many are vigilant when spinning hot ... ( not just sitting around ) .. show a plan for the fuel dump and what steps you are taking to ensure fuel isn't spilled .... and then encourage the fire marshal to come to a gathering and see that you are not just blowing smoke up his ass .. that you are serious about fire and the consequences ...

even if you are not getting paid there is no reason not to act professional... it's those people who do not act professional that make it difficult for the rest of us eh?

the up side to going through all this is the simple fact that the police will stop harassing you and will stop the yokels from harassing you ...

finally , if the city is not going to help you change the venue contact one of the local reservations about using some of their land?

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Location: Kamloops, B.C, Canada
Member Since: 3rd May 2003
Total posts: 57
Posted:some good points were made... There is other sides to the story as well. While I'm not one of the leaders of this group cause I haven't been with them long, that doesn't mean I can slack off and not take responsiblity.

we need to have the fire cheif come down and see for himself. But there are things that need to be taken care of in my opinion before he can really see professionalism. And this is my other major concern that you have voiced as well; safty and credentials

We are guilty on many accounts. Sometimes safty equipment is brought and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes we are vigilant and sometimes we're not. I try to do my best to be professional, but there are more shady members in the group. My other concern is with this and also the fact what the group is seen to represent too... I must admit some of the drummers or less active members smoke grass or drink... and it doesn't take a genius to figure out either of those are illegal in a public park. I think most spinners are smart enough not to be under influence, but there is the occational dim wit once every so often, god forbid if the police caught them. It's these few people that ruin it for everyone, and that's something that's gotta change.

I want us to be an outstanding member of the community, and not a nusiance. It's also a question of leadership. Sometimes the leaders show up and sometimes they don't and I think that's a big problem as well. I'm usually a follower, but considering the circumstances I can't take a back seat considering I'm always there now. Others are doing their part, I gotta make sure I do mine. like the famous words

"You gotta fight, for your right, to paaaaaarty!"

Fire Mama
Location: West coast gal,Canada
Member Since: 1st May 2003
Total posts: 53
Posted:Hi Canadian guy
I live on the west coast of Canada and am trying to establish a bit of a relationship with the local rcmp and the fire depo about my plans for the summer.....which are basically to form a fire dance troupe which will preform publicly. It's super good to keep open communication with these folks and show them that you are serious about your art by having the safety equiptmant on hand.Inturn..you will gain respect from them. Always remember...they are just folks as well...doing their jobs. Only fall into the leadership roll if you are prepared to. Make sure that the folks that are spinning are well in the mental state to be. Alchahol can be dangerous in that sense. ( I'm not saying that I haven't had a few good spins in the psychadelic realm....) .Basically..and unfortunately...in the minds of the local fuzz, you will be placed automatically in the category of drinking and talking to the herb in a public place along with the rest of the folks, leader or not. Is there a place you could go to play with fire...and do so in respect to local laws....with respectful mates who want to broaden their creativity? Don't let yourseilf get drained by this leadership role...just draw your owm lines. You are a fire dancer....you are creative ....expresive...and completely responsible for what is it you have a passion for. Find the other folks who have the same thought process....and fly....

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