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Ok, so I did a search for 'residue' but couldn't turn up anything:

Ok I'm in China, want to have a fire spin, have new fire poi (specially delivered) but no paraffin.

So I went to a bar and asked them for some paraffin, the fuel they were using (or so I thought) on their paraffin lamps indoors.

Soaked the wicks, had a spin. noticed a slightly more acrid smell than usual: Then the wicks would not light any more!! frown

So I think the fuel (whatever it was: can't have been normal kerosene: possibly kerosene mixed with something else?) left a residue on the wicks. No I don't have the MSDS, this is china, and I do know that's not good practice! So apologies to the safety gurus here.

Anyway, my question is: What can I use to clean the residue of my wicks? I guess some sort of solvent, one person suggested meths to me, does anyone have any suggestions?

The wicks are HoP cathedrals, by the way

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