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James Bmember
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The new matrix film is almost here, I have to say I loved that last film if this film is half as good, well rock-on!

A lot more use of weapons in this one, without the guns that is. Not a fan of guns myself I like to use weapons that require skill to use. Anyone can fire a gun. Here is me learning to use my 3-section-staff and you all ways get someone with the line
"I will just fire my gun at you!".


Which leads be on to a question.

What is the Matr... no no no sorry!

What are your views on guns?

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musashiistarring Skippy the green llama
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how did we get to quantum computers from guns??

quantum computers used as targetting mechanisms for smart guns mebbe eh..

flat out, I like guns, but they're for p***sies..blades r bettah

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brainstormaBRONZE Member
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Originally posted by Raymund P.:
ummm... was this the right forum Brainstorma??

Ohh and I aint talking just field strip, I mean the M16 has only 7 parts to take care of when field stripping. I mean I want to be able to gauge and maintain my weapon.

yeah it is ray im in matrix 2 in the hell club scean that is what i ment about seeing myself on the big screan

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AdeSILVER Member
Are we there yet?
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do question wether or not you have ever shot a gun
Raymund - I know you didn't ask me directly, but here's two of my gun experiences:

I've shot and killed pigs, rabbits and kangaroos to cull numbers where they are causing problems for the land, or for food.

My family has experienced both a murder and a suicide thanks to guns being readily available.

What I want to know is why would anyone who lives in the city - and is not a member of a gun club that meets for training or competition - actually need a gun?

A bit like asking about four wheel drives - why would anyone living in the city need a four wheel drive?

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whats funny about computers is that they can only ADD!!!!

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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Well... people dont need much, just a way to shield ourselves from the elements, feed and hydrate. Other than that, everything is a want!

Yes even you pig killers guns are just a want, cars are just a want heaven forbid, but computers are just a want.

My experiance with guns has been limited to the Corps. I didnt grow up with them, or around them.

Both my parents were Air Force, and both grew up with guns in the house, so why they didnt get any I dont know. My natual grandfather (mothers side) made his own stocks and rounds.

Ehh... I aint much for them, but I know a thing or three about them.

I dont know if I will ever own a gun, I wouldnt mind owning one but ehhh... I'll have to ask Rozi's permission

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So people should be allowed to have guns because they want them?

I want a massive explodey napalm device. It's ok, though. I'm not going to use it, and massive explodey napalm devices are perfectly safe if used responsibly.

Of course other people will want one too, but i'm sure they're all responsible too. Don't worry, it'll be fine.

And remember
Massive explodey napalm devices don't kill people.
Disease, famine, natural disasters or people kill people

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The_Pirate_Dyke_BoyHOP Lord of the Pirate Admiralty
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just seen the new trailer for Matrix: Reloaded, gives away TOO much, and i think may just have ruined it for me, so DONT GO TO THE CINEMA IF YOU DONT WANT TOO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! (and i had a hunch about it, and unfortunatly it was right).

As for the NRA stance on guns:

"Guns dont kill people, People do!"

um, yeah, but i think the gun helps. What else are you gonna do, run up and go "BANG!!!", you'd have to have a very bad heart for that to kill ya.
Guns are tottaly uneccecary for public consumption, what else are they designed for other then to kill.
Just go see Bowling for Columbine

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RoGOLD Member
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It's interesting because the States has "the right to bear arms" as the second amendment...

what's interesting is it's the right to bear "arms"... They don't say "gun"...

So with that minor detail, It'd be possible to carry any "arm"... such as a thermo nuclear bomb and be well within my rights!

course I do think they have restrictions somewhere (I hope)... I'm not overly familiar with everything american. I just think it's funny

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