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Posted:erm... hello wave

ok I have a 'friend' ahem.. who is having a bit of an issue at work... there is a person there that started to work there at the beginning of the year - they get on really well, and have been trying for weeks not to do anything about it.. but the pair of them just lost control last week after a chance meeting in the stock room.. nothing serious has happened - but that barrier has been broken.. now both them want more..

BUT as one of them is a senior manager and the other still new to the company it really isn't a good idea.. but it's making it worse becuase it's naughty and all the more exciting becuase no one can find out about it... neither of them condisder the other as long term relationship material.. but there is a connnection there..

I know that work things are never a good idea...
any advise for my 'friend'?? hug (apart from a cold shower - coz they already tried that!!)

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

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