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Posted:I am looking to learn some more staff I can spin to a basic ish level self taugh and a pretty good level of poi but want to improve my staff for summr and learn more slick moves , contact etc , anyone got advice for where to find willing teachers and have you got a contact.

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Posted:if you dont mind the travel, try the southampton lot, theres a few good spinners there.... smile

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Posted:Yeah, there are very few staffers from what I have seen in Brighton. Google Trickswop workshop. Theyre probably your best bet, I'm not even sure if theyre still around or what they are doing. I'm trying to learn staff on my lonesome too and pretty much only gather titbits of info from visiting other meets and going to circus skills festies.

Bubbles is right, if you can make it to one of the Southampton or Bournemouth lot, you're in for a real staffing treat. Otherwise, I'll be arranging a spin in Brighton sometime over the summer. A couple out-of-towner staff spinners will more than likely come along, so you'll have a good teacher on your own turf. Keep your eyes on the events and gatherings section under 'brighton spin'over the summer. All details will be in there.

Good luck.


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Posted:yep biggrin over southampton in a 5 mile radius you have me, bluecat and strugz, also the uni juggling club.

Come to Southern Lights (see events section) in June, we'll be doing at least 2 staff workshops and I'll be doing trick swops when I'm free wink

Or check out the fire festival in bournemouth 12 may and I believe it is free they have a myspace page at the moment, there should be loads of staffers there wink

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Posted:So thats what you lot are! tongue
I'm in Eastbourne myself, no one around here either. smile


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Posted:I am in brighton,

Can teach people staffing stuff to the best of my ability, contact and doubles too!

I usually spin on the level as it is right by my house, but preston park and queens park are my fav's, especially if theres picnics involved:)

The trickswop guys are on the road on the festival circuit so arent back for a while, but when they are we try to meet up as regular as possible,

if its sunny, and after about 4.30 look on the level, for me, i have a black/white staffs and red poi's,

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