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Member Since: 27th Mar 2007
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Posted:Hi! I'm looking to do a fire poi performance as my talent for Miss California and need to find a good song ASAP (my paperwork with song title has to be in by April 1). I'd like to find something that's not too techno or trancey, with a good energizing beat that appeals to a large audience. It's a short routine (no longer than 2 minutes) so if there are sections of a song that would work well I can cut it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...



Member Since: 12th Mar 2007
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Posted:Can i suggest Body Rocks by Moby? or perhaps Canned heat by Jameroquai?


Member Since: 27th Mar 2007
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Posted:I do like jamiroquai and will check out body rocks...thank you for your help! Maybe looking for something a bit more intense and dramatic though

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Member Since: 29th Jul 2005
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Posted:check out stuff by Natashca Atlas

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Posted:prodigy...it's always a winner. just don't do the cliche and use firestarter!

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Posted:I have a very.... er... diverse... iTunes selection... and often play while iTunes is running on Party Shuffle. It gets pretty interesting when you have to try to play to the most random and innane stuff on your play lists, but here's some of my personal favorites.

"Black Betty" Spiderbait (Ram Jam)
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Santa Esmeralda
"Le Disco" Shiny Toy Pistols
"Ooh La La" Goldfrapp

As per the Prodigy suggestion, I love spinning to "Hotride" or "Spitfire." Both are really fun for some unknown reason.

If you're good with figuring out the beating for songs with seemingly random and hard to math beats, I've been enjoying screwing around with the Ok Go's "Here It Goes Again," but that's been kind of overplayed recently. Muse's "Hysteria" or "Time is Running Out," or AFI's "Miss Murder" are really fun but kind of hard to beat match.

Let's face it, I'm too lazy right now to put together a play list just for spinning, so I let the party shuffle run through and just try to fit what I'm listening to with how I'm spinning. It doesn't always wok, but it's really kind of fun and odd. Like a strange game of Russian Roulette. =/

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Member Since: 6th Oct 2005
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Posted:Here are a few of my favorite not-necessarily-techno songs to poi to.

"Girls" by Prodigy (It's got a nice B section that switches up the beat.)

"Witchi-Tai-To" by Brewer & Shipley (Older relaxed rock with almost meaningless lyrics and a nice, non-hyper but fun beat)

"Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees (Or anything else from Saturday Night Fever. The stuff is recognizable, dancable and not off-putting to anyone.)

And I agree that "Le Disco" is awesome, athough it's by Shiny Toy Guns.

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Member Since: 27th Mar 2007
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Posted:these suggestions are awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I LOVE that santa esmerelda song! Do you have any other suggestions for songs like it? Unfortunately, someone else has already signed up for that song as their talent :-/ I think most of the other suggestions are a little too alternative for the crowd I'm trying to play to, but things like that are perfect


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Member Since: 9th Jul 2006
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Posted:When seeing this on the thread listing the first thing I thought was.. Help, I need a good MUSTACHE.. yep..

I just saw the MUS of music and my mind went wild..

Try some DJ Tiesto btw, always fun and dancy smile

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Posted:Industrial and EBM also works beautifully for poi. You could try some Icon Of Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, etc

Also, trance music works well, like System F and PPK

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Posted:i like to spin to cosmic gate -fire wire , get really up beat after the intro part of the song or the dj violator remix of it

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Member Since: 21st Dec 2006
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Posted:if you wanna go real crazy in your routine, try aphex twin wink
or you can always go for roni size...
my favorite though? tribe music... try oliver shanti, its good for a slow routine, really kewl.

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Member Since: 28th Apr 2007
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Posted:Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (Animatrix Mix)

fore nice neo trible feel

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Posted:Rodrigo y Gabriella do some good stuff if you fancy going a bit Spanish.

Also Idioteque by Raadiohead is a personal favourite of mine

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Member Since: 15th Feb 2007
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Posted:anything from ultra electro mixed by david waxman

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Member Since: 5th May 2007
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Posted:My favorite is Artillery by Infected Mushroom.


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Location: Scarborough, UK
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Posted:hm pretty good suggestions so far ^^ tho i do think some malice mizer is in order (i.e. le ciel) good buld up n such =]

give it a try (along with other stuff you cant understand the words too=D)

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Member Since: 21st Mar 2006
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Posted:if you are looking for something not too techno try gotham project, i think they are wonderfull for spinning and are very impressive.


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Member Since: 3rd Jan 2006
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Posted:Agricantus wink for tribal-like songs!

Nulle nice to see you around there smile anzi bello vedere che ti stai impegnando a scrivere qui wink tanto c' un bel po' di gente qui in giro che capisce anche l'italiano XD

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Member Since: 22nd May 2007
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bjork - violently happy
(might be too techno-y for you though)

wise guys - start the commotion
(i just like this song..but it may be too corny:)

fat boy slim - weapon of choice
(christopher walken..ohhh him..)

gorillaz - m1 a1
(its got a long intro.. and it may be too slow/weird)


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Posted:Ive got the deep forest 9cd collection. Some good chilled out spinning tunes


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Posted:peace showtunes! peace

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Posted:Tisto !!!

Last time I tried to spin on it, even after my poi were off (and since quite long time), I couldn't stop ....

And ... he even mixed some well known songs ...

[edit] changed the video, same song, but without that manga ... [/edit]

... for instance

Anyway, have a nice routine

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Posted:-Slight bump but this thread is very useful-

Relations by Erika and Only This Moment by Ryksopp are my personal favourite.

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Member Since: 17th Jun 2007
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Posted:call me crazy but spin to cetain songs with fast beats.. slow beats i cnt spin to cuz i learned to follow he beat and not my mind for a routine.. Songs in Japanese tend to be best for me cuz they offer fast beats to help with a quick tranistion of moves. idk if it hlps but good like wit it

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Member Since: 7th Aug 2005
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Posted:Another great classic according to me : Clint Mansell and the music of the film "Requiem for a dream"

But, is your routine already passed ?


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Member Since: 13th Jun 2007
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Posted:when i spin i just put my ipod/itunes on shuffle and go i think this works well because you get a lot of different feels and styles but thats also my music tastes i think that you can spin to anything and have it work its all about displaying the emotions of the song


Member Since: 22nd Apr 2007
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Posted:i love to mix some of the eclectic with some faster stuff... a playlist of Afrocelt Sound System - Anatomic, Rise, Rise Above it, When I still needed you, Mojave and Seed are my favs, then throw in some Oojami etc... and BAM.. i little bit of around the world in my ipod....

Or i just give my mate my drums and tell him to give me a beat.


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Posted:I love to spin to Aurora "The day it rained forever" and ATB "Extasy".

I'm downloading these songs guys, so keep em commin! I've just recently gotten into techno so its a big help!

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