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Posted:Hello peoples, I did a search but didn't get anything.

I'm heading to Thailand for a few weeks in January to help with some wildlife conservation. Does anyone know of a cheap airline to get me to either Bangkok or Chiang Mai? I've been looking at flights and they are around 800-900, the lowest I found was 500 ish. Anybody know of any cheaper websites or airlines?

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Posted:I flew with Sri Lankan airways... it was 369 to Bangkok from Heathrow, with a stop off in Columbo en route.

Enjoy smile

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Posted:hmmm it'll always eb a bit expensive around January because that's peak season, its not quite the hot hot season and it's before monsoon season. Your best bet is find somewhere that does a stop over, singapore airlines and the middle eastern airlines are quite cheap, I know Air Kuwait or Kuwait Air was about 350,may not be great but is quite well price. I did

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Posted:i find my ticket on ... was the lowest price ..
you should try maybe you ll find something

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Posted:I used Etihad. Its pretty much a brand new airline so the prices are cheaper than most due to the fact that they're trying to build up a client base. Plus its almost like travelling first class! cool

Booking that far in advance I'd imagine you'd probably get it for about 350 return.

Good luck! smile


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