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Posted:I've put this on the forum but my client has asked me to extend the audition offer....

I am helping to recruit for a UK based company called "Ideas". They are looking for a young female fire performer to join an exciting, established improv/dance based project touring European festivals this summer.

We are seeking a brilliant fire dancer who has:
a multi-disciplinary skills base
a high technical ability
a strong movement background
the confidence to fearlessly interact with an audience
the ability to work and play in a close-knit team

Prior tour experience is an advantage but not essential.
Insurance is essential. A fire safety technician will be also on the tour.

Performances will take place within European arts festivals during July and August. Travel, accommodation and per diems will be provided as well as a daily performance fee.

You will be required to attend a group audition in London April 18th and to be available for call-backs the following day.

Rehearsals take place in London May 1st-3rd with a pre-performance in Amsterdam on May 4th & 5th.

Applicants should send a full-length body shot, CV and any promotional video to:

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Posted:Oh well...if only I was a woman wink


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Posted:Oh well... if only I had something funny to post in reply.

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Posted:what an awesome opportunity.
good luck dave!!!!

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Posted:*bumpity bump*


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