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the henna lady
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Posted:Take the question for what it's worth, loaded or unloaded!
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And yes, I know I'm getting one started here!!!Oh, and technically speaking, I spin mine out, and do a few good downward thrusts on the eating/blowing torches! *lol*
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Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:mm with my staff I like to either shake it around a bit before getting down to business, and with my dangly bits, I reckon just having a short play with em gets em ready for action.
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I also like to do a 'burnout' with my put a heap of spin on it while throwing it up in the air, making twin fire balls...makes for a good introduction to your performance..but on a more serious note, has anyone constructed a machine which squeezes the excess fuel off the poi or staff tips back into the fuel container? I was thinking something like what mop buckets have for squishing the mop's excess water off...Josh



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Posted:I spin excess fuel off before I start.Josh I like the idea of a sweezy thing to save on fuel and not have to spray fuel all around the place when I am shaking off the excess.Maybe you should patent the idea now.------------------"London is a city coming down from its trip and there's going to be a lot of refugees" - Danny,Withnail & I

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Posted:Rather than a squeezy device, you can just get a chemical-resistant rubber glove (at any hardware store) and manually squeeze the excess back into your soaking tub.I prefer to just shake out my poi. I think squeezing removes too much fuel.

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