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  Posted: For the all your Psytrance lovers, you will be no stranger to Antiworld, the biggest psytrance promoter in UK. This summer, they are making the big jump forward to the fields and will be playing host to their first outdoor festival featuring some of the top names in the the genre such as Infected Mushroom, Astrix, GMS, Black and White and many more. They are currently looking for performers who are capable of putting on a show and I have every faith that we, who wields lights and breaths flames, can awe and amaze! Here are the details! ubbrollsmile


Performers Request for 070707 Festival

Hey There all you super Creative Galactic Agents of Art and


We the Antiworld Crew are inviting you to show us your

best flex.... if you are interested in being part of the Performance Team at 07/07/07 then contact us with our proposals....

We dont want blaggers or pretenders..... stick to raving unless you have got your own thing going on.... you will need to supply your own costumes and have something unusual

and cyber to offer us.... we want to make this a spectacular show and everyone is welcome to audition providing you are not just looking for a free ticket.... we want performers that are devoted to the show and will be reliable throughout the festival.... you will be rewarded according to your

brilliance and of course there will be time to play when you are not working.... we are after the best and most committed of the bunch and you will have to convince us of your devotion.... there are a lot of people who are desperate to perform out there and now is your chance... if you think

you are one of those then get in touch with me.... Kwalilox.... by phone or email........ look forward to hearing from you with all your creative


Kwalilox +447795273401


More Info

+442083658918 +447940527867


Anyone up for forming a massive HoP Fire Spinning crew this Summer? ubbloco

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