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Posted:I don't have anyplace I can get Kevlar where I am but I can get Canvas, Cotton, Denim, and a few other things. So I was wondering If I can use Canvas as wicking for torches and how about wool I was just wondering about wool but I need to know about the canvas

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Posted: Written by: hippieofvenus

I don't have anyplace I can get Kevlar where I am

Yet here you are on Home of Poi which sells Kevlar? umm

You can use the other things, but they'll last about 1-3 burns before they need to be replaced, and they'll spray bits of burning material all over the place whilst you spin them, so it's probably best not to.

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Posted:i agree with durbs canvas is not a good idea but go to the HoP shop and you can buy kevler till christmas if you wanted to.

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Posted:how about wool I can't order stuff online and I tested canvas today it works ok but wont last long




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Posted:Why can't you order stuff online? You obviously have access to a computer, so thats not the problem. I'm assuming you have an address to deliver it too (if not you have more important things to sort out than what to make wicks from!). The only realistic option I can think of is not having a bank account with a debit card or a credit card. However even then you must know someone who does, ask them to place the order and give them the cash if you're really that stuck. People use kevlar for a reason...


Posted:I didn't consider using someone else to order it for me thanks

and yes no credit card nor do I have a bank account so thats why!!


Posted:well I have ordered kevlar with a money order


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Posted:problem solvered.

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