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Posted:Hi everyone!

The NZ Body Art Awards are being held in Auckland on the 16th June. I'm looking for a bunch of poi and staff spinners and jugglers to help out with the pre-show entertainment. I need a couple of fire breathers too.

The gig is held inside and obtaining fire permits is a hassle, not to mention the body art models slipping on our kerosene or pegosol or whatever on the stage.
SO, looking for rainbow poi, ribbons, jugglers etc.

Our budget doesn't allow us to pay (even I don't get paid) but you'll get to see the show for free.

If your keen, email me juggle

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Posted:and the Body Festival is being held Sep 19- Oct 7 in Christchurch...

Written by: Doc Lightning talking about Marmite in Kichi's Intro thread

I have several large jars of the stuff. I actually like it... a little. And don't tell anyone I admitted to it.


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Posted:if anyone heads that way from wellington then drop me a PM, i'd be up for it...


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